Barbie Role Play


I apologize for the lack of posting. Been a rough couple of weeks.  But I'm back and luckily, I'm going to get some Barbie playtime! wahoo!

I mentioned to you all a post or two before about a project I have coming up. First, a little bit of information.

I love video games. Not sure if that's hard or easy to believe but I love curling up on the couch and taking an evening and losing myself in a world of make believe (kind of like Barbie right?) My brother and I when we were kids got our first Nintendo long after they came out on the market. We loved taking turns playing Mario Bros. Our favorite game ended up being "The Legend of Zelda". I personally love "Ocarina of Time," one of the games later in the series. This is Link, the main character. You always play him and always play to save the princess.
Through the years I've gotten into RPG (role playing games) and I love those that are set in a post-apocalyptic world and have somewhat of a "choose your own adventure" feel to them. So many different directions your character can go makes for a very fun action-adventure game. The Zelda games mentioned above you are always the good guy fighting evil where in these games, you can be good or evil. (I'm always good by the way. :)

In the wonderful world of Barbie, we've had many dolls based off of pop-culture and popular movie references.

We've had Bella and Edward from Twilight

Katniss from The Hunger Games
The Wizard Of Oz Cast

And even The King himself.

So why not make some dolls after video game characters?

My character that I choose at the beginning of the games are always girls. With blonde hair. So Barbie is naturally a perfect fit. :)

In the post-apocalyptic game I'm playing now called Fallout:New Vegas, your character is a courier assigned to a very important delivery to the "New Vegas" strip. I have chosen this doll as my "courier."

Obviously not in this dress. :) But she has longer hair and as much as I hate the one bent/one straight arm, this is perfect for the setup I want for her. She also has articulated legs. Also perfect!

I'm reading a fan fiction of this game where the courier wears a pink hoodie, khaki cargo pants and boots. I'm sure I have a Barbie hoodie somewhere. It's going to be great fun dressing her up.

My next video game character, a guy named Benny.
Benny is the total suave, used car salesman type. He runs a casino on the New Vegas Strip and you encounter him in the game in both good and not so good situations. However, I chose him to make because I have the PERFECT Benny doll for this role play.

Remember him?

If I can get his hair to do what I want, it will be awesome. I also went to the fabric store to find the perfect fabric for his jacket.

Now to find a pattern for a suit jacket for this guy. I have a Ken suit jacket that is close but just a tad small for this My Scene doll. It's a pink suit jacket and I don't really like it so if I have to take it apart to use for a pattern I won't be that worried about it.

So here is my next playtime project! If you know of any places to get Ken patterns, please let me know. I've found a couple sites but none that really struck me yet.

So what do you think of this project? I think it might be kind of fun combining two of my loves: video games and Barbie!

Be prepared for Friday's post where we feature the November haute couture doll of the month!

Until next time!

Dress up and new additions!

Hello again!

Yesterday (Sunday) was my birthday! I had an awesome weekend and some fun and relaxing time at the beach (where it was practially summer weather, such a blessing.) But now I'm back and just have to post the rest of the new additions to the collection!

Let's see who has been dressing up. A few of the gals from the ladies night!

First, Artsy Fashionista in her original outfit, complete with accessories! Beautiful!

Next we have the Moxie Girlz Magic Snow Sophina. She is missing her gold tights and try to look past the two boots. Moxie Girlz have peg legs and I don't have the other shoe! Her originals are the white but wishing I had two of the pink. I think those almost look better. She is so super cute though!

Lastly, remember my Liv It's My Nature Sophie doll? She came with (I think) a brown leather vest that I don't have. So I gave her one of my two vests that came with the Sporty Fashionista closet. It matches her hat perfectly! I am going to forgo getting her original vest since this one fits so well with her!

Now for the new additions! Some I will need help on, some I have figured out already. :)

Correct me if I'm wrong but, is this the Teen Skipper mold? Anyway, she is wearing a knit outfit which should have been in my last post with the homemade fashions. Doesn't it look super cozy? I like the colors and I think the short skirt better suits Skipper (If this indeed is a Skipper.:)

Beautiful face.

New body style, cute dress!

Another Skipper mold? Or other? Not quite sure with this one or about the dress. But funny, the shoes still have the rubber bands on them to hold them on the feet! Not sure if that was intentional from the previous owner or what but nice idea!

Glam Fashionista Swappin Styles. I have two of this head but none as perfect as this one!

Holy Petal Dress! This is awesome! She should be an easy identifier but "Barbie Petal Dress" didn't bring up much in the way of hits. Some say it's the Sweet Roses PJ dress. True?

And I'm sure these boots don't go with the outfit but hey, I have a matching pair!!

Wedding Barbie, I'm sure the dress was a fashion pack of some sort.

Here is one I am really excited about. A long time ago I got a few dolls at the thrift store with the "squishy" waist. You informed me she was Jewel Girl Barbie.

Look what I got!

I love her! She has a very pretty Barbie face and I love her outfit.

I don't have her fun pants but I do have her platform shoes, again held on by rubber bands. This doll is a complete score!

A cute doll, cute dress, large beach feet, who is she?

She has a very unique face.

Another very unique doll.

She has sparkly lips and her sunglasses still attached to her head.

Look at this little cutie! Needs a leg fix and I think she is wearing a Fashion Avenue dress. I am loving some of the older dolls I am getting!

She is pretty, another Teen Skipper? Jointed arms makes this a very fun doll.

And I don't know if this is another homemade dress but this is Strawberry Shortcake type font. I know because I was also into Strawberry Shortcake as a kid. :) The ribbon says "Life is the berries." So cute!!!

Fun fashionista doll with pink streaks in her hair. She matches my Sisters Skateboard Skipper!

And pretty, frilly fun dress. Makes you want to run through a meadow doesn't it? :)

As you may be able to tell, this newer dress is a little snug on this old body style doll. She was naked so she needed an outfit pronto!

I'm not sure who she is but I don't think this is the Steffie head mold. She doesn't look like the other ones I have but I could be wrong. Help?

Ken is looking very dapper tonight in his coat and tails! (I have shoes for him, haha)

Maybe Ken is marrying this beauty!

She kind of looks like a My First Barbie.

This is a most interesting looking Barbie. I don't think I've seen this face before.

She is a bride because she has some bling on her left hand!

It still works!

She is the "Every Girls Dream Bride Barbie" doll. I love the dress and wish I had it!
Well, part of an outfit from a doll we know....

I know because I have her! Rappin' Rockin' Barbie. She is one of the ones I played with as a kid. I even have her boom box. :)

Here are the sisters!

It was easy to see that this was not the original doll. But close!

Most definitely not a Barbie but a Disney doll! I'm thinking Aurora. Fashionista dress?

And most, but CERTAINLY not least.......

This gorgeous beauty

Does anyone have her? I do. Never removed from her box.
She is Winter Velvet Barbie, the first in a series of winter dolls produced by Avon. And I love love love having her OUT of the box too! She is in good condition and her dress is not ripped, torn, or dirty in any way. I love her.

I have a few clothes I will show next time. I also have a sewing project coming up that I will post soon!

Do you have any of the wonderful dolls shown here?

Until next time!

Vintage Awesomeness

Who loves vintage? I hope you all raise your hands. :) Because I have some truly vintage stuff to show you today. Not all is Barbie but I hope you all like it.

My grandmother is moving closer to my mom due to her aging memory. In the process of cleaning and packing 30 years worth of stuff, she found a small box. My dad has moved in with her to help her pack and she gave him the box and said "I want Teresa to have this."

Inside was a beautiful vintage doll.

My mom said that she thought that the bells were from her wedding cake. I can't even express how special this is for me. She is in perfect condition. Her clothes are not worn or have wear marks. Her hair is perfect and not falling out. And on the lid was a written message:

My grandmother purchased this doll at Mays Bros. when she was 16. And she is a beautiful doll.

As I said, she is in perfect condition. No chipped or fading paint.

I am not sure what she is made of. It's not porcelain but almost seems like paper mache consistency but harder if that makes sense. It is cracking from age but only on her shoes. And that may just be the paint.

A picture from the back showing her perfect hair.

What a special treasure and gift. :) I am forever indebted to her for this jewel from her childhood.

Also given to me from her were a couple of books. First, Barbie and the tale of the Missing Wedding Dress!

And the next book, just simply titled "Barbie." A cute story about a delayed flight to Denver causes Stewardess Barbie to miss her birthday party. So she creates one on the plane!

My mom asked me if I had this outfit on the cover. I said that I didn't but it doesn't mean I can't make one :) I see a future project coming on!

In the latest batch of dolls from my parents, I got some "vintage" clothes. The lady my dad bought them from said that they were from the 60's. However, they are all handmade (I can tell from the stitching.) There are a couple that are not handmade that I am curious about. Hoping you can help!

What a lovely day for this Barbie, she will be our model. We both are glad to see the sun shining today. I was getting tired of the grey skies and rain. It was tank top weather again! Any idea which doll the dress is from? :)

 First, the homemades. A strapless grey-blue dress.

I like the fabric. Neat pattern.

Next, a sheer dress which to me would probably be a nightgown.

It's very pretty and well made. The neckline needs a little repair but I love the lace.

Now we have a springtime dress, or could be a wedding dress as it has a train. Very peasant like.

The skirt has a lace overlay and although a little wrinkled, very pretty dress.

Unfortunately this dress is a little snug even on this older style body. I was not able to get it snapped in the back! But a cute spring dress with a floral hat.

Very nice satin blue dress. I would need to re-sew the straps so that they are on the inside of the dress.

And this one is so cute. A red dress with matching cloak.

Its very cute and has a waist ribbon tie.

And a hood on back! This is cute and I kept this outfit on her.

A short red party dress with a knit beanie. Sorry, no model for this one.

Some miscellaneous accessories that also came with the handmade clothing.

Here are the two I am curious about. This one is not homemade but I could not find a tag. A beautiful peach nightie and robe set.

If it is homemade, it's well done. The hems are perfect and not an imperfect stitch anywhere.

And then this beautiful dress.

This seems like a semi-vintage fashion. Pretty!

And then there is this short robe type cover-up on the left. Also pictured with it is a swimsuit and a Fashion Avenue dress. I want to see what other accessories came with it but cannot find a picture anywhere! Can anyone help? :)

Here is the closeup of the tag from the robe.

I have a bodysuit and a pair of panties that might go with it too but not sure. Help! :)

Also while going through the other stuff I had and taking pictures I found this!

The pillow for Sleeping Beauty Barbie from my last post! However it no longer plays music and I don't think there is any way to get the unit out to change the battery. Darn.

So friends, do you have any super special vintage dolls? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!