More Barbie Christmas-ness

Hello all!

I hope you all had a wonderful and prosperous Christmas. I know that I sure did! It's always wonderful getting to spend quality time with friends and loved ones.

I mentioned in my last 25 Days of Barbie post that I would be posting more Holiday Barbie things till the end of January. So here is one!

I also mentioned in some of my 25 Days of Barbie posts that I acquired some Barbie Hallmark Ornaments. So I decided to pull them out since they have been stored for quite some time. There were a lot that I had forgotten about. Here they are!

Here we have the collection of vintage doll ornaments. Original 1959, Bride, Solo in the Spotlight, Enchanted Evening, and Gay Parisienne Barbie.


Here we have Barbie and Ken on their wedding day. Love this set!


Next is this little collection including Japanese Barbie, Native American Barbie, and a special Year 2000 edition Harley Davidson Barbie.


Now we have the springtime Barbie collection (and Barbie as Rapunzel on the left.) The Springtime dolls series are from the left: 1997, 1995, and 1996.


These are two ornaments that are not dolls. On the left is Holiday Traditions Barbie and the right Victorian Elegance Barbie.


Now here is the back and the inside of the ornament. The inside reads: "Inspired by the 1994 Hallmark exclusive Victorian Elegance Barbie Doll."


Here is a 40th Anniversary doll "40 Years of Fashion". The bodice of her dress is supposed to mimic the original swimsuit fashion.


The 1998 and 1993 Happy Holidays Dolls. The 1998 was a Hallmark Ornament Collectors Club Exclusive. My mom joined the club to get me this ornament. I wish she had stayed in for the other earlier Happy Holidays Dolls!


The1994 and 1995 Happy Holidays Dolls


The 1996 and 1997 Happy Holidays Dolls


The 1998 Happy Holidays Doll


The 1999 Millennium Princess and the 2000 Celebration Barbie each holding their adorable ornaments!


The 2001 Holiday Celebration Barbie and 2004 Holiday Barbie (in green!)


So I don't have all of them. My mom stopped getting them for me after 2000. I think I picked up these last two when I was out shopping the day after Christmas. As you know there is A LOT of Barbie collector items so sometimes you have to pick and choose what you want to collect (unless you have a 5,000 square foot house to store and display them which most of us do NOT have!) :) But what I do have is super cute and I love and treasure them all!

I did get one more Barbie Ornament this year. But you will have to guess! This is the description from the back of the box. *hint* She is a vintage.

"A hush falls over the crowd as Barbie strolls into the concert hall for the performance. No woman has ever worn flaming crimson with such confidence - or such style! The picture of studied elegance, Barbie wears a bold modern jacket dress with leopard trim, a pillbox hat, and matching scarf and pumps. The society pages will be talking about this outfit for days to come!"

Do you know who she is?

















Matinee Fashion! My wonderful mom bought her for me. Mostly only because I have her with my mom's original fashion.

So that is all my ornaments. I hope you enjoyed!

Everyone have a very happy and safe New Year's Eve! I'm going to stay home and play with dolls. What could be more fun? :)

New post coming soon!

Hello readers!

I'm sure you all can relate but it's been kind of hectic after the Christmas holiday. So I'm diligently working on pictures for my next post.

Stay tuned! :)

Day 25: Reminiscent Red - 2012 Holiday Barbie


Reminiscent. Reminiscent of what?

Lots of similarities! Red and silver for one. Silver down one side of the skirt. Okay, so this year is more modern but I think that they were going for a somewhat similar look.

Blond and brunette? Can I have both? Well, there's an AA one too, how about all three?Just look at that jewelry. So beautiful! These dolls all have an absolutely stunning look about them. I so want them all!
They are so beautiful in the color of the season.  
Will you be receiving her for Christmas? I already know I'm getting her. I saw a Holiday Barbie shaped box under the tree already. :)

I hoped you enjoyed my 25 Days of Barbie mini-series. It was fun to take a trip down memory lane and remember these dolls. What fun this was! I would love to see your new doll things, please post a link to some pictures in the comments. I love to share the joy and thrill of new doll things.

Thank you all for being faithful readers. Keep checking back as I will be posting more dolls and other "Barbie Holiday" memorabilia at least until the end of January. See you all soon and have a very Merry Christmas!


Day 24: Grand Green - 2011 Holiday Barbie

Merry Christmas Eve! Today is the day to spend some casual time with family before the big busy day. Today is a day to grab your warmest Christmas PJ's, a soft blanket and watch Christmas movies. For my family, today is the day we celebrate our Christmas. Unfortunately it's a little mixed up for me this year. We celebrated Christmas yesterday because my brother had to work today and tomorrow for that matter. So today I will be traveling to my brother in law's house to celebrate Christmas eve with my husbands family. It is the first time since I've been born that I won't be going to Christmas eve church with my family. *sniff*. Anyway, whatever you choose to do today, make it a good one.

Today's Barbie is very grand indeed.


Just look at that box! She is so ready to go to the gala! And what a dress! Can I have one for me? Please?

The chandelier earrings really tie in the elegance of this dress. And as always, I love curly hair! So cute.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture. Hard to take pics in low light situations!
And the embroidery design on this dress is just beautiful. I love how the waist gathers into one strap for the left shoulder. This dress is just so so pretty. So elegant. So Barbie! Ken is a lucky guy!


Has there been a green and gold dress. I can't remember. I don't think so. I don't think any green dress tops this one. So beautiful.

The back of the box reads: "Barbie doll celebrates a favorite season dressed in a glamorous green and golden glow! She delivers her best wishes for a beautiful holiday aglow with the most opulent of treasures: love and joy, family and friends, peace and prosperity."


Cute concept drawing! I wonder who designed her. I like this little write up. It fits well with the day.

See you tomorrow!

Day 23: Captivating Red and White - 2010 Holiday Barbie

Red is the perfect Christmas color. Paired with white it makes it even more Christmas-y. This dress is no exception.


This is a beautiful holiday dress. The top almost looks like embroidery. So gorgeous. And the hair is beautiful as well. She has such a pretty face.


And I love this hairpiece. Really fits the theme.


And the ribbons down one side and the cloak draped off to the other just adds that elegance. She definitely ranks up there in my very favorite holiday dolls!


The back of the box reads: "Barbie doll's favorite gifts of the season come wrapped in love and sparkle with joy. Best wishes for a delightful and a very happy New Year!"


I know my gifts sparkle with joy, especially the Barbie shaped ones. ;)

See you tomorrow!

Day 22: Perfect Pink - 2009 Holiday Barbie

Remember the last pink Holiday Barbie? (which happens to be my most favorite Holiday Barbie)


Mattel is bringing back the pink for this year with a little different twist.


With1990 it was bright pink and silver. This year it's light pink and gold. What a great combination!

No real eyelashes this year so they took that out. But they did give her some unique earrings. And a festive top!


I love the bow in the back. Too bad we will never see what it really looks like. I also love the little dot gems coming down the skirt from the waist. It adds a festive holiday flair.


The back of the box reads: "Welcome to a holiday season sparkling with joy and rosy with the glow of love! 2009 Holiday Barbie doll glitters as a reflection of an exhilarating year celebrating Barbie doll's 50th anniversary."


Ah, so that is why they dressed her in pink. Perfect!

See you tomorrow!

Day 21: Striking Silver - 2008 Holiday Barbie

This doll says "va-va-voom!"


We've had a few silver dresses so far in the holiday dolls. But this doll is definitely pushing the boundaries with the semi see-thru top! But it is tastefully done. Again as always, love the snowflakes! And that skirt. It's beautiful with the pleats. Of all the silver dresses, this skirt is my absolute favorite.


But I like how they added a special little wristlet to her celebrating 20 years of Holiday Barbies. Nice addition!


I love her makeup and jewelry. However, I'm not sure I like the defined eyelashes. To me they are too bold for her feminine face.


I would much prefer the eyelashes be like this doll.


Or this one. :)

But regardless, they are what they are and we will have to see what is in store for next year!

The back of the box reads: "Barbie doll celebrates 20 years of holidays with a very special DVD: Barbie in A Christmas Carol. Two classics come together to retell a favorite story, featuring joyus carols and fantastical journeys. Whimsical, wonderful, and altogether heart-warming, this adaptation captures the beauty of both Barbie doll and the most beloved season of the year! Rediscover the true meaning of Christmas with Barbie in A Christmas Carol and Holiday Barbie doll."


So, two questions readers. Have you ever seen this movie? And what do you think of the bold eyelashes? But eyelashes or not, I love the doll and of course, her gorgeous dress. :)

See you tomorrow!

Day 20: Sassy Santa! - 2007 Holiday Barbie

Why didn't anyone think of this before? One of the most identifiable characters of the holiday season is none other than Santa Claus. Well, why not dress Barbie as the part? With a little more style of course!


I love her. I love how unique it is! And so very Santa! So cute!

Again, faux fur, perfect for the Christmas dress. And gorgeous curls and jewelry! And the belt adds the right touch.


I love how they incorporated black lace in all the right places to give it that feminine flair. And the white gloves add the perfect finishing touch.


The back of the box reads: "Frosty window panes frame our festive "Miss Claus" at a fabulous fete. The best holiday gifts at this party? Fun, fashion, lots of love- and the Holiday Barbie ornament, the perfect present for every Barbie lover, available from Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments!"


I do not have this Hallmark Ornament. I stopped collecting them a few years back. I should get them out just to see how many I have. It's been so long I don't remember! Dresses are so much more cute with the skirt all flared out as in the ornament.

And because I did not know what "fete" was, I looked it up. :)


1. a day of celebration; holiday: The Fourth of July is a great American fete.
2. a festive celebration or entertainment: The ball was the greatest fete of the season.
3. a religious feast or festival: a fete lasting several days in honor of a saint.

Now we are all the wiser. :) So what do you think of Barbie as Miss Claus? 

See you tomorrow!  

Day 19: Bold in Black - 2006 Holiday Barbie

*sings* Heaven! I'm in heaven!

Can you believe this? My Bob Mackie doll count is up to 4 because he has again designed another Holiday Barbie!


Can you believe this? What a sensational dress! It's perfect in every way. Barbie almost looks like a goddess with the headpiece and dress.

What is not to like? From the beautiful braid to the star earrings and glittering makeup, she is perfect in every sense of the word.


Remember how magical stars are? We discussed this with the 2001 Holiday Celebration Barbie. So Mackie brought the magic of stars with this dress.


I just love how Mackie incorporated a bunch of color into this dress. I love everything about it!

The back of the box reads: "This most beautiful season brings celebrations, filled with the joy and love of family and friends. If you believe, the holidays deliver the gifts of harmony and hope, wrapped in magic and decorated with glamour! The special extravaganza of this year: Holiday Barbie doll by Bob Mackie!

Bob Mackie again presents a beautiful gift for this special season. The 2006 Holiday Barbie by Bob Mackie is wonderfully sophisticated in a black gown, embellished with white faux fur and festive multicolored stars.

For years, Bob Mackie's designs have graced the most famous stars in the entertainment industry as well as the most glamorous women throughout the world. In 1990, Mackie glamour reached the pinnacle of fantasy when he began designing for the definitive fashion doll - Barbie. 2006 marks Mr. Mackie's second Holiday Barbie doll creation, sure to be treasured for years to come!"


Look at that concept drawing. GORGEOUS! Can we have more Mackie Holiday dolls? Please? :)

See you tomorrow!

Day 18: Glamorous Green - 2005 Holiday Barbie

Wait a minute here! Wasn't yesterday 2005 Holiday Barbie's post? Well, yes but remember I have mentioned many times how awesome my mom is.

So I was plesantly surprised when I also found this under the tree.


The other Bob Mackie Holiday Barbie! This time in green!

She is identical to the pink doll and the green is equally as beautiful!


Remember how the pink doll had green jewelry? Well, this doll has the pink jewelry!


Honestly I never ever noticed this until I brought these dolls home with me a couple of weeks ago. Andrea also informed me that the 2004 doll has real eyelashes. Apparently I'm not very observant!!!

I wanted to see if this was some kind of fluke but no. The master himself designed the jewelry that way. I checked it out on the concept drawings on the back of the box.


Ah, so another Bob Mackie doll to add to my collection. Total is now 3! So exciting. I was reading on his website that he also designed costumes for Cher. Just a fun little tidbit I thought I would throw in here. :)

See you tomorrow!