Day 3: Gorgeous Green - 1991 Happy Holidays Barbie

My mom saw how much fun I was having with my 1990 Happy Holidays Barbie that she Santa got me the new one for Christmas this year!

They designed her with more of a Christmas dress this year. Dark green velvet with gems. Absolutely beautiful.


I got smart this year. I knew that this would be her house just like the last year so I kept the red inner packaging. I also never combed her hair because, well, look how pretty it is! I don't think I ever changed her clothes. I think she was one of the ones that was always at the ball!

You can see she is tied in with a twist tie. I wanted to keep these dolls like new!
She has a purse this year too which I think is really cute.

Pretty green makeup and red earrings accent her look. And I love the bow in her hair!


The back of the box reads "A Holiday Treasure in Velvet and "Jewels"!" Her skirt does not poof like that at all. There is no petticoat and because of the weight of the velvet it just doesn't. More professional Barbie photos! They can make her look so pretty.


There is another picture too just like that tucked away inside. This was my mom's favorite doll. She loved the green.

See you tomorrow!