Day 6: Gorgeous Gold - 1994 Happy Holidays Barbie

A new doll, a new year. Back in 1994 the internet was still a thing of the future so no cheating to see what the new holiday doll would be. I mentioned in previous posts that it was so much fun to see what new idea Mattel would come up with for a dress. Last year was poinsettia. This year they took another plant that reminds us of Christmas: holly!


Holly and gold AND fur? Yes please! Great idea Mattel! I dare you to find one person who doesn't like the white fur on these holiday dolls. I bet you'd be hard pressed to find one. Everything about this dress is so Christmas. lovelovelove. So excited about this doll! I think I love her more now than when I got her.

Check out that headband! It's so perfect.


The gold lame fabric is regal and elegant. So perfect. And I love the backdrop of holly. Compared to all the dresses so far, this is the one that screams perfect holiday. I love the poinsettia dress from last year but this one takes the cake I think!


The back of her box reads: Barbie celebrates the holidays in style with a glorious gown of gold and faux fur!


Look at this! Who doesn't love this dress? SO pretty!

See you tomorrow!