Day 8: Magnificent Magenta - 1996 Happy Holidays Barbie

Victorian style collar last year, Victorian style dress this year!


Notice anything different about this doll? Yep, she is still perfectly minted in the box. 1996 marks the first year that I left her in the box. However, I want to take her out. I won't for sure but I'll tell you why in a little bit.

Again, fur just screams holiday dress. This one is so very Victorian because of the magenta and gold. Oh, and the style of her overcoat. :)

LOVE the hat! This is the first doll that has featured a hat rather than a hairpiece.


Who loves ruffles? I should see all your hands raised! Just kidding ;) But they add so much to the dress. Again, so Victorian!


I can just imagine her with ice skates, can't you?

Here is the reason I want to take her out of the box. Take a look at the back of the box.


See anything different? Yeah, the cuteness of the muff! Cute Cute Cute! Why did they not put her hands in the muff in the box? How adorable would that have been? Oh well, she is still beautiful and has a killer dress.

The back of the box reads: "Amidst the wonder of shimmering snow, Barbie celebrates the holiday season wrapped like an exquisite gift in burgundy, white and gold!"

Kind of poetic!

See you tomorrow!