Day 7: Glittering Green - 1995 Happy Holidays Barbie

There is a special story that goes along with 1995 Happy Holidays Barbie. But first, about the dress!

Mattel went along with the holly theme again but took it to an all new extreme. WOW!


I love this dress. I love everything about it. But there is something special about this doll. Thing is, I didn't have her at Christmas.

Apparently this doll was a hot item. Not sure why. But I did get a note from Santa! At the top in big letters it said "From Santa's Workshop". The elves did not get the dolls made in time for Christmas. But I got a beautiful picture of her and Santa said that he would send it as soon as it was made. (And he did have help from the wonderful people at Toys R Us. How nice of them to help good ol' Santa!)

My Barbie came in March. She was gorgeous. I looked at the box with my mom sitting beside me. We ooh'd and ahh'd over her dress. How pretty she was. At 14 I was not playing with dolls very much anymore and with wide eyes and a concerned look I asked my mom, "Should I take her out of the box?" And again, as my mom told me all these years "She is your doll. If you want to take her out of the box, you take her out." So I took her out, we fluffed her hair and.....she went right back into the box. And I never took her out again.

To this day I think that I should have left her in. She was very hard to get and like I said, at 14 I was not playing with Barbie much anymore. (I was seriously into NBA basketball, go figure!) I took her out but the important thing is I HAVE her. And don't have to worry about trying to get her off of eBay or something. But this one is special. I got a letter from Santa out of the deal and I got it from the North Pole! (via Toys R Us) ;)

I am envious of her jewelry. And that huge collar just makes the dress!


The belt adds the poinsettia theme from the past. And what a wonderful touch to add a holly design to the skirt with a little bit of lace. So perfect.


The back of the box reads: "This season Barbie looks sensational wrapped in rich emerald green satin with twinkling holly berries and a grand Victorian style collar!"


Can holly berries twinkle? ;) Of course they can in the world of Barbie!

See you tomorrow!