Day 17: Pristine Pink - 2005 Holiday Barbie

I haven't told you yet but I secretly have an obsession with anything Bob Mackie. There! It's out in the open. The first Mackie doll I had is called "The Sterling Silver Rose". The pictures online don't do her justice. I'll make sure you all see her. :)

So just imagine my excitement when I saw that Bob Mackie designed this years Holiday Barbie.


Oh. my. gosh. I could not be in any more love with this doll than I am now. I love ANYTHING Bob Mackie and this was no exception. Can you believe how gorgeous this dress is?


In the title of this blog I said "pristine" pink. Doesn't the dress give you that impression? It does for me.

Another thing I like about this doll (besides the dress design, the glitter, the everything) is the jewelry. How creative to put green with the pink. It totally fits and looks great! (It looks great because it's a Bob Mackie and anything of his looks great.)


The back of the box pictures the concept drawing of the dress and also says this about this wonderful doll.

"Holiday Barbie doll is becoming a favorite, festive tradition, reflecting all the joy and beauty of the season. And this year's selection is even more special - because, for the first time ever, Bob Mackie works his very special magic on Holiday Barbie doll.

The 2005 Holiday Barbie by Bob Mackie is completely respelendent! As shimmery and sparkly as a frosty winter morning, this doll feature over-the-top glamour, perect for the most lavish holiday gala!

For years, Bob Mackie's designs have graced the most famous stars in the entertainment industry as well as the most glamorous women throughout the world. in 1990, Mackie glamour reached the pinnacle of fantasy when he began designing for the definitive fashion doll - Barbie. 2005 marks Mr. Mackie's first ever Holiday Barbie creation, sure to be treasured for years to come!"

So yes, this has been cherished all these years, and will be for many more.

At the bottom there was a sweepstakes for "Barbie Make Over My Holidays!" The winner got a huge party and a dress inspired by the doll. Why did I not enter this! To own a Bob Mackie dress would be the dream of a lifetime.

What do you think of this doll?

See you tomorrow!