Fashions Galore Part 1

Now onto the fun fashions that are on these dolls (plus more!) This will be a two part post, first we will start on the fashions that the dolls are clothed in.

My mom picked out these fashions as she didn't want naked Barbies laying around. :) We had more than enough clothes that all of them had something to wear! (Except the old style Christie but we'll get to her in a minute.)

Note: If you would like to see larger images, you can click on the pictures and it will bring them up larger. 

First, the beautiful Skipper. Original pants as she is from the Sisters Skateboard! playset. Since I seem to have the worst time finding clothes for my Skippers (and they don't sell any in the stores anymore) I had to make do with a super cute top that I'm pretty sure is for Barbie. But this shirt looks good on her and SO cute! I love the fur around the sleeves! Who is it from?

What was really awesome about the digs I scored for these dolls is that they came with shoes and a lot of them had their mates! I love when I have pairs of shoes, so fun. These boots look fabulous with this dress. I may keep them on her! Little knee-high edgy boots with a super sweet pink dress.

In the first Ladies night post I found out that the one doll with the big face and super fluffy brown hair was a Moxie Girlz doll. I looked around online and found out she was the Magic Snow Sophina doll. This is her shirt. But what about the skirt?

Cutie patootie girls. We know about the Kelly but what about the other two? However in looking at the Sisters Skateboard set, I don't think that the Kelly came with those silver tights. Can anyone confirm?

This dress looks good on her!

I had to get a picture of the lovely Dentist Teresa. Not her original shoes but I have some teal ones that match. LOVE her!

Not sure if this outfit goes together but it sure looks like it does! (Or my mom is just really good at putting outfits together!)

Here is the My Scene doll. Pretty dress and boa. Probably doesn't go together but again, looks like it very well could!

Here is the cuteness that is Magic Snow Sophina. Unfortunately Moxie Girlz have the peg leg which means that if you lose a shoe, peg leg sticks out like a sore thumb. Not sure about this outfit though! Check the shirt, says "I'm Fabulous." Ha!

Cute Tinkerbell in her original dress. She also comes with a green feather boa that is missing quite a few of its feathers unfortunately.

The Barbie from last time who looked like she was topless. If you look at the waterfall pic, she is one of the dolls that is standing. This is because when she sat down, the top slid down because it's a bodysuit. I love the outfit but wondering which doll it's from? (And the wind blew and gave her that nice windswept look which made for an awesome hair picture.)

Okay, so lets talk about Christie. There was not one outfit that fit an old body style. And this one was no exception. I had a hard time trying to keep this one up but it's the one that I could finagle so she would still be decent. It's torn on the side so it will have to be repaired if I am to put it on a doll again. You can see her purple ballet slippers!

So so so so cute outfit! Not sure if the red shoes go with it but they match! This is just adorable. The shirt has little snowflakes on it and the skirt has the little hangy snowballs off the waist.

This is a pretty ice blue dress. It also needs a little repair but I love the color so I might put it on a doll.

Here is the doll with non-bendable legs. I think the pants are from the Pink-B gift set. The shirt is cute and check the super cute sandals!

Looks are deceiving. The lower half of this Swappin' Styles left arm is missing! And because of its tattered condition, anyone recognize the dress?

Doesn't quite look the same does it? Snowflakes are broken, silver thread pulled out of the bodice, side of bodice torn. Yikes.

More Pink-B fashions.

Can someone explain to me what these clothes are? Does the face mean something? To me it looks almost Japanese. Was it just a fun line that Mattel brought out?

Beautiful Ariel. The plastic fin makes me think that she was designed for water. It was still pretty light outside so you are unable to see the light up tail. It has pictures of Flounder and Sebastian in it.

And lastly, we had one male that was not at the ladies party because, well, no boys allowed! He is larger than a normal Ken. Who is he?

There are many more clothes that are not on dolls so I'll put those in the next post. See you later!

Ladies Night Part 2

Let's meet the rest of the lovelies from our Ladies Night!

This pretty blonde with articulated legs and one arm straight, one arm bent. Unfortunately someone gave her a nose job!

This one is really pretty and has some pretty blonde hair in great condition. Her lips are a little larger than most Barbies but very pretty makeup colors. Same as the last doll, one arm straight, one arm bent with articulated legs.

We know who she is! Tinkerbell!

So I found out last time who the little Kelly was (thanks Andrea!) She goes with the Skipper I posted last time from the Sisters Skateboard! package. (I have her little helmet too, so cute.) But who is the other girl? And is she Stacie? Chelsea? I can never keep the two straight.

She has very pretty red hair. My Scene doll?

This has got to be a Fashionista. Lovely brunette with articulated arms, wrists and legs.

She looks a little different than your general Barbie. Is she from a different line or something? She is not articulated.

Another pretty brunette. She is not articulated either but she has flat beach feet.

Oh my, this Fashionista had a very bad bang trim. She is a Swappin' Styles.

This pretty Ariel doll loves the water! You press her seashell and her tail lights up. Fun!

The only old style body of the entire bunch. A Christie! She has bent arms and is wearing painted on purple ballet slippers.

Oh, isn't she just the cutest? So now, which one is this? If this one is Stacie than the other might be Chelsea. Or is this one Chelsea? I don't think this is her original dress though. But she's super adorable!

Another pretty blonde (she is clothed though, just wearing a low cut top!) She has straight arms and non articulated legs.

This one also had a haircut but it's not bad though. Looks like windswept hair! Maybe would need a little fixing up but all in all it seems pretty even in the back. She is non articulated, one arm straight, one arm bent. Her knees do not bend at all! She has flat beach feet.

One last final shot of the ladies at their awesome waterfall party. :) Tune in later and we will get into the fashions that I got! Until next time!

It's Ladies Night!


According to the title, it's Ladies Night, Barbie Style!

First, I must show you a picture that a friend posted on Facebook. She took a trip to the Goodwill and snapped this pic. Oh man, let me tell you, I got a serious good laugh at this one!

"At goodwill Steve Austin is livin the life!"

So apparently it's Ladies Night at the Goodwill (with one male) and it looks like a good time is had by all! 

So I got home from work today to find these lovely ladies maxin' and relaxin' by our new water feature! Their having a ladies night of their own!

And honestly, I don't blame them! It was beautiful outside (a little hazy from forest fires nearby but nontheless, still beautiful and warm.)

As you will notice, these ladies are my recent additions and wanted to check out their new home. 

My mom and I spent all last Saturday playing Barbie! We dressed and we brushed hair and put together outfits and shoes. I didn't even get out of my PJ's until well after noon. An awesome day relaxing. 

I won't get into all the ID right now because, well, it's a ton! I also have tons of clothes! You all are going to have fun with this one. :)

We'll start with a few ID's. First, I am very excited to get a new Skipper doll. This one has a beautiful pink stripe in her hair. She has articulated legs.

Gorgeous dark skinned beauty. She has articulated arms and legs.

How about this one? She got a haircut so she is a good candidate for a wig. 

Now this one. She is a beautiful princess doll but rather large. She has very waxy hair. 

And as you an see, she is about a half inch taller than Barbie.

Barbie Dentist! She talks! She is so pretty with the brown hair. 

And lastly, we'll end with this little cutie (with some amazing voluptuous hair!)

Tune in again in a few days for the other dolls of the collection. Until then!

Limb Swap

Well friends, my collection of distressed dolls has definitely grown thanks to the purchases that my mom gave me last weekend. (Yes, they will most definitely be featured!)

However it's time to whittle down what I want to display and what I want to keep in a box. I have many many dolls that have chewed arms and legs and they need to be replaced!

I know many of you have replaced limbs before so can you magnificent Barbie fixer-uppers give a newbie some pointers? I have seen a few methods and I have a few questions.

1. I saw that the best way to remove a limb is to heat water to boiling, pour it in a bowl and let it sit for a few minutes. Then put the Barbie in (not the hair!) and remove the limb. Does this work?

2. And does the above work with both new and vintage dolls? Articulated and not?

3. What's the best way to remove a doll head?

4. How about the best way to smooth rough doll hair? I'm not sure why question 1 says not to put hair in boiling water because I thought that was the best way to smooth. I've also read dipping the hair in Downey? (or other liquid fabric softener?)

Your help will be very much appreciated and I am looking forward to sharing my new creations on this site. And the new additions to the collection will be featured over the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned!

The Newbies (and as always, some ID)

Good Day!

I am back from a wonderful weekend of visiting the parents. I always love going back home for a weekend to get a wonderful dose of "Mom's Cooking." Love it!

The weekend before this last one, the hubby was away so I got all the time in the world to go to garage sales. My husband goes with the intention of looking for 'something.' If he doesn't need anything, he doesn't stop at any sales. I try to tell him, "You never go to a yard sale with the intention of buying anything. You see what they have and if you like it, then get it." But he doesn't take that approach. SO...I got to go without him!

And there were a LOT in my area. Every one I stopped at, there were 4 or more signs on the post at the end of the street. Fun!

So I got a few dolls! I almost scored on 2 80's Kens and Barbie's horse but unfortunately someone took those before I got there. Bummer!

Here is what I did get!

I dug and dug and dug through this box of little girls toys and picked up the doll on the right. She was missing a head but I found it in the box too. :) Obviously she is a Fashionista's Swappin' Styles but not sure which one. Glam? She has gold earrings. Her hands and feet are chewed so we will have to get rid of those and replace them. Hair is pretty messy but I have a beautiful Swappin' Styles head to put on her. (With perfect hair because it's going to be impossible to get this hair looking curly again!)

The one on the left threw me through a loop for a while. I knew I had seen her somewhere and she had rooted eyelashes!

Remember this doll from my 25 days of Barbie post?

Burgundy was a Sears exclusive. She also came in green.
Yep, she is the 2004 Holiday Barbie. I knew I had seen that choker before somewhere! As shown in my pic, she has a little bit of 'war paint' and some fixing up but I'm sure we can get her spic and span in no time!

This doll I am a little frustrated with (which is sad because she's really cute.) She is fully anatomical (except for wrists and ankles) but she is so loose she cannot hold a shape or even sit up.

She has cute sparkly makeup and a kind of braid or twist going across the head before collecting in the ponytail. She also has painted on white ballet slippers. Who is she?

This one is a generic newer bodied doll. I don't know if she will be able to be identified.

And this beauty. Palm Beach Teresa has a friend. Palm Beach Christie! I love how I am getting more and more Christie dolls on my excursions. And no chipping or marrs on the painted swimsuit anywhere!

And the fun clothes!

A pink nylon backpack, a purple jacket with sleeve rouching,  pink gingham and lace panties, a chunky sweater, a green tank, gold pleather pants and a pink gym bag. The sweater is the only one that has a genuine Barbie tag.

Click on this photo to enlarge
But take a look at the gym bag. It turns inside out into a little ballet dress!

Someone please help me with this tutu. I cannot get it on a doll because there is no where for her legs to go through! How does she wear this?

I also found one last thing. A little top that was inside out. I was trying to turn it right-side out and realized that it had something stuck in its little sleeves.

It's a shirt for Draculara! I think I might put the hands on my Rochelle Goyle. Two pink is better than one grey right? :)

That's all for now! See you all next time!