It's Ladies Night!


According to the title, it's Ladies Night, Barbie Style!

First, I must show you a picture that a friend posted on Facebook. She took a trip to the Goodwill and snapped this pic. Oh man, let me tell you, I got a serious good laugh at this one!

"At goodwill Steve Austin is livin the life!"

So apparently it's Ladies Night at the Goodwill (with one male) and it looks like a good time is had by all! 

So I got home from work today to find these lovely ladies maxin' and relaxin' by our new water feature! Their having a ladies night of their own!

And honestly, I don't blame them! It was beautiful outside (a little hazy from forest fires nearby but nontheless, still beautiful and warm.)

As you will notice, these ladies are my recent additions and wanted to check out their new home. 

My mom and I spent all last Saturday playing Barbie! We dressed and we brushed hair and put together outfits and shoes. I didn't even get out of my PJ's until well after noon. An awesome day relaxing. 

I won't get into all the ID right now because, well, it's a ton! I also have tons of clothes! You all are going to have fun with this one. :)

We'll start with a few ID's. First, I am very excited to get a new Skipper doll. This one has a beautiful pink stripe in her hair. She has articulated legs.

Gorgeous dark skinned beauty. She has articulated arms and legs.

How about this one? She got a haircut so she is a good candidate for a wig. 

Now this one. She is a beautiful princess doll but rather large. She has very waxy hair. 

And as you an see, she is about a half inch taller than Barbie.

Barbie Dentist! She talks! She is so pretty with the brown hair. 

And lastly, we'll end with this little cutie (with some amazing voluptuous hair!)

Tune in again in a few days for the other dolls of the collection. Until then!