Barbie's Super Fab 80's Casual Wear

So in between trying to make my second dress for Hawaii, I had time to give some Barbies a bath!

Now that's A TON of Barbie's in the tub!

 photo IMG_8448_zpsac41f6f1.jpg

I scrubbed the bodies (a lot from my last thrift store run were very dirty) I washed hair, I conditioned hair. And I even ran a pick through the hair with minimal pull out! Success!

 photo IMG_8449_zps113b66fe.jpg

I was so excited with this last thrift store grab because almost all the dolls I got were with the old body style. All of the fashions I played with from my childhood are for that body type. And as you know, the old clothes just do not fit on the new bodies that well!

So, now that I had enough dolls, I pulled out this box.

 photo IMG_8451_zps7a0687c1.jpg

Barbie Casual Wear! Look at the label on the front of this box. "JCPenney Catalog Division." Does JCPenney even have a catalog anymore? In my hometown we had a JCPenney Catalog store. You would order it from the catalog and pick it up at the store. They even had a very small selection of clothes. Sometimes you could find something good. But I got this for Christmas one year back in the late 80's. I never dressed up my dolls in these clothes very often but now it's time to show them off!

Here is a quick look at the box contents. Shoes still in the plastic bag. I was so particular about my dolls and clothes.

 photo IMG_8458_zps1786d09b.jpg

And here is the group! The fab 6 in the SUPER fab 80's casual wear.

 photo IMG_8459_zps22ad12e3.jpg

I put this sparkle hair beauty in this "Barbie Club" crop top with wild print shorts and white sneakers. I even fluffed out her bangs 80's style. More height the better right?

This next one I put in a yellow and blue ensemble with ruffles, stripes, and polka dots and blue sneakers. Adorable!

 photo IMG_8461_zpsb0cc6af2.jpg

Next we have another piece in the casual wear which doesn't really fit the theme. But it's still casual nontheless! Barbie in a pink snow suit with ski boots. (The head of this doll fell off so putting her in a high necked piece was ideal.)

 photo IMG_8463_zps8ea3d3cc.jpg

I'm not sure how she is supposed to stand in these boots as they seem to tilt forward. At the thrift store sometime ago, I found ONE pink ski. If only I had found two I could have added them to her!

 photo IMG_8462_zps490910bd.jpg

Now we have this long haired cutie in pearl earrings wearing this blue sundress with a bow at the side and blue sneakers.

 photo IMG_8464_zpscc66f7d5.jpg

The light purple eyeshadow and nude lips made a perfect choice for this purple and pink shorts and shirt combo with hot pink sneakers.

 photo IMG_8465_zps5f782e86.jpg

Teresa goes Jazzercise!

 photo IMG_8466_zps0397997a.jpg

I just love the 80's workout wear. Isn't this the best? I love the legwarmers. So super cute!

 photo IMG_8467_zps0f6dda09.jpg

So there you have it, the Barbie Casual Wear ensemble! Do you like it?

I also did some other clean up on some other dolls. My my, Miss Stacie looks SO much better without the hat and a hair clean up!

 photo IMG_8468_zpse1e6e74f.jpg

I can't wait to make some clothes for her and display her on my shelf.

Remember this doll I got from the thrift store last week?

 photo IMG_8469_zpsaef2266e.jpg

This poor cutie. She got a makeover (or in a fight with some scissors, one of the two.) I was going to research and try my hand at re-rooting until I remembered that I had these fabulous wigs from my mom's collection.

So this Barbie is going vintage!

 photo IMG_8470_zps52446497.jpg

This doll is wearing the dress from the 1961 Orange Blossom Wedding Ensemble. Read about it on the Fashion Doll Guide here.

I added some brown open toe heels (which I believe go to my Sew Free Fashion Fun "Day in Town" outfit) and I added a cute furry leopard print purse. Like?

The wig looks perfect from the back.

 photo IMG_8472_zpsc1b50413.jpg

I think it's a good look for her!

 photo IMG_8471_zps920c345e.jpg

Until next time!