The Year of Haute Couture - September

It's September 1st! Next Tuesday the kids will be back in school and as soon as we know it, the leaves will be changing color and autumn will be among us.

But I'm not ready for summer to be over! No!

Let's remember back to our past months of the Haute Couture calendar. When I started, I remember telling you all "just wait till we get to September." Well, September is here and I can't wait to introduce Robert Best's creation for this month.

If there is any doll that I could ever want, it is this one.

September - Barbie, Generation of Dreams (2009)

!!! I don't know if I have any words for this one. I just don't.

Except I am squeeling with excitement because she is PERFECT.

The real doll. I might faint.
She. Is. Perfection!!! I love the skirt, how it is filled with photos of Barbie past. I was curious as to how the back of the skirt looked so I searched and I figured someone had to have a picture.
Okay, how many of you are in love with the 80's Barbie pics? Like the one at the bottom with the Rainbow over her? And the one up by her hand/elbow? Those are the pictures that I grew up with which makes this doll so loveable. Of course it also features the dolls that our mom's grew up with (or at least mine did anyway) :)

Here is her little excerpt on

"50 years of trends and fashion, couture and dreams for the girl in all of us, and for the woman we grow up to be! Barbie® doll remains always stylish, always evolving, always reflecting the beauty that is within every one of us, radiating for all to see!
Generations of Dreams Barbie® doll captures our favorite doll, dressed in an exquisite gown embellished with illustrations of the Barbie® heritage. Decorated with silvery sequins, the gown is as bright as our hopes and wishes. Generations of Dreams Barbie® doll commemorates 50 years of inspired dreams!"

She came out June 1, 2009 and is no longer available. I'm not sure why she was not a silver or gold label doll. Maybe she was not supposed to be a wildly popular doll? To me, the 50th anniversary is the big one, the one that is largely celebrated. Maybe they wanted her available to young girls as well as collectors?

I searched for her on eBay and she is not going for more than about $20 or $30. This means that I might be able to get her for Christmas! (Along with the other two dolls I asked for) :)

So friends, what do you think of "Generation of Dreams" Barbie? Like her? Not so like her? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Until next time!