Happily Ever After Part 3


Last time I brought you the fabulous Madeline Hatter, daughter of the Mad Hatter. I also mentioned that I purchased a "Rebel Three Pack" off Mattel.com. I am please to present to you the second of the three and Maddies best friend forever after...

Raven Queen.

And obviously her favourite color is purple. :) But it fits her very well!

Raven Queen is the daughter of the Evil Queen, the queen who poisons Snow White with the apple. But she doesn't have a sinister look about her at all.

Her simple look greatly dismays her mother who wants her to be the most evil queen ever. Except there is one small problem. Raven does not want to be evil. She wants to rewrite the book of legacy and create her own happily ever after. Hence, why she is an Ever After Rebel. 

Lets check out this girls outfit!

She comes with a very unique bracelet/ring which is super cool.

And her purse features a mirror and the handle has birds on it. So fitting for the daughter of the evil queen. 

Now check out this outfit! So cute. I love how the ruffles are longer in back than in front, and the bodice comes to a point in the front. I love the "chain" belt and the large collar. They could not have created a better outfit for her.

I just love the black and purple hair.

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for....THE SHOES!

These shoes are wicked cool. They are chain wedges.

They go perfect with her fishnet tights.

With my Ashlynn/Hunter girlfriend/boyfriend combo, I think I need another combo. Guess who has a crush on Raven Queen?


I confess. I CAN. NOT. WAIT. for Dexter Charming to hit the shelves. I may not wait for the price to drop on him. I might have to just buy him outright at the standard $25 price tag. I think he would be the best mate for Raven Queen. What do you think?

I know how some of you feel about Raven Queen. :) I'm the same way. I love her so much!

Friends, is Raven Queen one of your favourites? Love her or hate her? Anyone else anticipating Dexter Charming as much as I am?

So, take a guess at who the last Rebel of the three pack will be! The ones left are:

C.A. Cupid
Cedar Wood
Cerise Hood.

I'll have the last rebel in a couple of days. Until then!