Happily Ever After Part 11

And friends. The time has come. For my last and final Ever After High doll in the first wave. Can you believe I now have them all? It's awesome and I love them ALL! 

Here she is. The last and final of my collection. (Well, I should say final...for now!)

Apple White!

Apple was another one that was not a "have to have." Now that I have her and she's out of the box, I'm glad I have her. She is not one that will disappoint! She really is a beautiful doll. 

Her dress is red (like apples) and gold (because she's the next queen). Her little bolero top is separate from her dress. The dress is stiff and holds it's shape well. 

I kind of liked the way her purse was attached so I left it with the rubber band. This purse is CUTE! And I just tried it. It is a FUNCTIONAL purse! You can put things in it! She also wears a cuff bracelet.

Apple has a gold two-finger ring. It's super cute but after I took the band off, it slid right off her finger. I reattached it with rubber bands. 

I will say that Apple has some interesting eye makeup. If you watch the webisodes she wears a light black eyeshadow. In the makeup world, those with blond hair should wear cool colors (pinks, blues, and shimmers) and brown eyeliner and mascara. It is strange to see Apple with dark grey or light black eyeshadow. 

I'm glad they toned it down a little in her doll form. 

Apple's earrings also have a bow with a little dangly ball on them. 

She wears a red bow headband with a crown on top. I would have preferred instead of the crown being one solid gold piece, have a little more open detail like her picture. 


I like Apples hair. It's got nice curl and the box didn't seem to mess it up too bad. It does look longer on one side but that's how it's supposed to be. They have part of her left side up in a rubber band because the right side is supposed to be down around the side of her face. 


Apple comes to us with none other than apple inspired shoes. The toes are rounded like apples and the heel contains a leaf and a curly-cue that can sometimes form around an apple stem (and pumpkins too!). These platform heels are super cute. 

And to continue with the theme of bows, the shoes have them too. So cute.

I honestly love Apple more than I thought I would. She is a really pretty doll. But I am like some and wonder what she would have looked like with dark hair. I guess we'll never know unless someone wants to try their hand at a reroot. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Let me know what you think of Apple White! Love her, don't like her, let me know in the comments!

Until next time!