Christmas Time Fun

A week since the last post? I am SERIOUSLY shirking my duties as a blog writer! I promise to be more diligent. I have lots to write about!

Even though I am SO ready for summer I figured now would be a great time to make one final Christmas doll post. Because the closer to summer I get, the more I will not want to write about holiday stuff.

Today, we have a cute, fun doll. Does anyone else have her?

 photo IMG_8190_zps1bc94a5b.jpg

This is Tree Trimming Barbie from 1998. The most fun of the holiday season for me is trimming the tree. It is for this doll as well!

Isn't she adorable with her chunky knit sweater and green velvet pants? You also know that my favorite dolls are the ones with super long hair. Well, I also love the ones with straight bangs. Cute!

 photo IMG_8191_zpsc2335a3a.jpg

She holds a cute little ornament ready to put on the tree. Another fun thing about this doll is inside the box there are ornament punch outs so you can help Barbie decorate her tree.

 photo IMG_8192_zps5fbdc97b.jpg

On the back of the box is the instructions on how. I think it's a very cute idea!

 photo IMG_8193_zpsa7bd01fd.jpg

This would be a very cute display doll if I had taken her out of the box. I would have left her holding her ornament. So cute. I think my favorite part is the sweater!

See you next time (hopefully sooner than a week) with another post not holiday themed. :)

Until next time!