Ready For Summer?

Is anyone else ready for summer? It's been getting warmer here, the snow is melted (well, in the places the sun hits) and the street sweepers have been out in full force picking up the dirty cinder rocks left by the trucks who laid them down to make the roads safer when they were icy.

Like me, this Barbie is also ready for summer.

 photo IMG_8285_zpsec20c753.jpg

This is Sun Lovin' Malibu Barbie from 1979. Since 1979 is before my time, it's a real treat to get one from this decade. All of mine from my childhood are from the late 80's to the 90's. My dad has a booth in a local antique store for some sales and another booth client brought this in to sell. So he picked it up for me. Thanks Dad! :)

And, as it mentions on her box, she's had a little TOO much summer :)

 photo IMG_8253_zpsa19cc94f.jpg

Because her box is in less than stellar condition, I took this as a great opportunity to get some "deboxed but not deboxed" photos.

Her hair is still held in by plastic and her sunglasses are still there too. The mirrored look has turned cloudy over the years but maybe it can be cleaned up.

 photo IMG_8254_zps1508d4d3.jpg

But all in all this doll is in great condition.As shown in this pic and the one with the tan lines, she is a little dusty and could use a refresh.

And I love her!

 photo IMG_8251_zpsedef9de8.jpg

The Help!

First is the mirrored sunglasses. The fact that they were "foggy" is really odd to me. Do you think its something that could come off with water and a rag? I'd be devastated if I ruined her mirrored sunglasses. Meaning, could the rag wipe off the "mirror" effect?

And help me out readers. Is this one of the more sought-after Malibu dolls? I know there were a few "Malibu" Barbies but can't remember which is which.

And one last question. The picture on the box shows a "B" symbol on the left leg of her swimsuit. My doll does not have that. Was that a feature only on the picture? Or did mine fall off somewhere through the years?

Until next time, enjoy the wonderful sunshine!