Hot Tub Roast

Did any of you have a Barbie pool growing up? Or....maybe you have one now! There are some playsets that I have kept such as the Dance Magic Photo Studio (garage sale find) and the Fashion Doll Bedroom Case playset. (post about it is found here!) And I will admit, I do have the Barbie and the Rockers stage (another garage sale find) but that is another post for another time! :)

But the pool, I don't have a pool. But I do have this great pic I bought from a local vendor last weekend.
It's Barbie, Ken and friends in a hot tub made out of a crock pot. How cute! I just love how Barbie has her roller skate propped up on the edge. And look at the visitor out front. Barbie's dog Tanner!

I love how this artist makes these pictures. He takes toys and creates the most amazing photos with them. I personally love this one called "Hot Tub Roast" (I bought the 8 x 10) and the other ones titled "Mommy, I found him" (an adorable one with Kelly and Nemo) and "Public Pool" (I probably would have bought this one too had I seen it.) Take a look at his website, and click on "Minatures/Animals." I love how some of the pics contain a Barbie on roller skates. So fun! There are also many other toys in these pictures. It is a total and true playtime!

Well, since I mentioned Barbie pools and playtime, let's review some of the ones we've had in the past shall we? Since I never had a Barbie pool playset, this will be fun to research.

One of the more recents, the Glam Pool. My niece got this for her birthday a couple of years ago. Although I think hers had the circles on the sides. I think the pool came a couple of different styles. Can anyone confirm?
1993 Barbie Fountain Pool - Fountain changes color, you can see Barbie underwater!

The Malibu Barbie shown with the Glam Pool should actually be here.
 Spray and Play Pool for Glitter Beach Barbie and friends.
California Dream Barbie Pool Party. Did anyone else want this doll? I did.
The Fabulous Fountain Pool. With Rio de Janerio Barbie!

She also has a Waterfall Fantasy Pool.
Paradise Pool Playset. They're in the forest!
Sun Jewel Barbie Pool. This one with a SPA attached!
Tropical Splash Barbie also has a pool and spa. However this one has a tropical scent!
Because every beach Barbie needs a pool right? Now the Sparkle Beach Crystal Clear Pool.
A slightly more modern version of the crystal clear pool set. Splash and Color Crystal Clear Pool. (I have the Kira doll shown in the pool.)
The original Barbie Dream Pool from 1981. What a gem this would be to have!
AND....just because I mentioned Barbie and the Rockers. Look here, she also has her own pool. Because every pool party needs music and what better music than live music by your friends!
There are so many pools I can't possibly post them all here. But what fun all these are! I would never dream of putting any of my dolls in the water but I always wanted a pool, for pretend of course.

Let me know if you had any pools!

~ah, dreaming of summer fun~