A Little Cutie I Found......

A while back I was cleaning out a box that had a bunch of My Little Ponies in it. And you thought Barbie had a lot of hair!!

This is not even all of them!

Among the ponies I found this little cutie.

This is "Little Rosebud" as she is, well, dressed like a little flower.

She has a little rosebud flower on her hat.

And a dress that looks like petals.

She is so adorable and I could not bear to put her back in a box. But does she have any friends? I'm thinking my parents got her for me back when I was a kid but I don't remember anything about her. Does anyone know?

Project Update!

I cut out the patterns before my sewing machine was out of commission and started putting them together!

I made the patterns larger because I don't get how they get like a 1/8" seam allowance. I like a little more play. If I do need to make them actual size, I can cut them back as shown by the solid line inside of the pins.

I was having trouble attaching the sleeves! Had no idea. If you are having trouble making sleeves, here are a couple of AMAZING tutorials that have helped me tremendously!

I most likely won't have another post until after Thanksgiving so to all of you, have a wonderful and safe holiday! Tune in December 1st for our last Haute Couture doll of the month!