New to the Party - Unboxed Version #1

Yay, a new post! I know you all are super excited. I know I am because I get to share some more awesome dolls with you!

First I have to show you this Barbie. After I was finished with the hair dye experiment, I let the Barbie dry and then I put her in my Barbie Room, sans clothes. My hubby went in there the other day and he has this "thing" about seeing nude dolls. He hates it! And I hate it too because with so many cute outfits, you've just got to show them off!

So I picked out this Fashionista Closet "Cutie" outfit with some pink fashionista shoes. This is just too cute. What do you think?

Now, to the deboxed dolls from the big box I showed you last week!

My mom thought that I had this one but I assured her that I did not. This is the most beautiful Island Fun Barbie and you can definitely see that she is a great candidate for deboxing. She had been removed before but the box is severely damaged.

You can wear the skirt 14 different ways! That's always the fun of a sarong, all the different ways you can wear it. 

She has a very pretty face.

Her hair has been put into 3 sections and it's still very curly. Awesome!

Uh oh! Looks like Island Fun Barbie had a little too much Island Fun Sun!

 The back of the legs are "burnt" too!

Unfortunately, this doll has a case of the "sticky vinyl doll legs." The white spots was where the vinyl was touching the box. So friends, HELP! How do you get rid of the sticky legs? I would love to fix her up because it's starting to ooze onto her skirt and make it sticky too. 

Here is the back of the box showing the rest of the dolls from this line. And only in the islands, a seahorse comb! Do you have any other dolls that came with a seahorse comb? For me the only other one I have came with Mermaid Barbie. 

And....I SO want the Skipper. I have never seen another one with a smile like that. Cute!

Onto the next fabulous doll. This is Dance Magic Barbie. The cool thing is I have her!

I believe that she has been taken out of the box but not played with all. All the accessories are still attached to the cardboard and her hair is still rather curly!

That's a very peculiar place for the fan.....

At first I thought it was attached to her dress. But no, it is attached to her HAIR. Now I know she really hasn't been played with!

Now if any of you have Dance Magic Barbie (and has ended up storing her for years like this person and myself have) then you know that the fabric of this dress gets molded to the position the dress is in. So here is another question, do any of you have any ideas of how to get this fabric to lay down? I just can't get it to cooperate!

And I love the curly hair. My Dance Magic Barbie's hair has been brushed...and brushed...and brushed...

So here she is with what is called the "Hot Disco" outfit.

Her hair will take some more work. I might pick through it to get it to lay down better. I have this fear that I will brush out all the curls. It looks okay from the front, I might just leave it ;)

I decided to leave all her accessories attached to the cardboard backing for right now. Since I have all of her accessories deboxed already with my other doll. :)

So that is it for post 1 of the deboxed dolls. Next time I will have THREE dolls to post that I deboxed! They are the most fun of all!

If you can, please let me know if you have any remedies for the questions I posted. Thanks friends!

Until next time!