New to the Party - Unboxed Version #2

Hooray! The moment you (and I) have been waiting for! 

The unveiling of the unboxed new additions 2! Three wonderful dolls who got removed from their boxes letting their true beauty shine through without plastic and cardboard! 

Let's get to it.

Last post we featured a tropical doll and one with a foofy dress. Don't we all love the foofy dresses? All three dolls have just that!

My mom told me that I for sure had this one. I do, but in a different color dress from a different year. I bring you Happy Birthday Barbie! Anyone know what year she is from?

Now she had not been previously removed from the box. And the box was in really good shape. Those are my requirements for leaving a doll IN the box. However, her head turned to the side really bugged me. So she had to come out. 

Oh that is so much better isn't it? 

I honestly thought about leaving her in after I removed her outer surroundings. However because she had been stored (I think in extreme heat like an attic) the decals on her skirt were sticking together. The picture above was after I had fixed it some. But if you looked behind her, her skirt was unfastened and there was no way to snap it back shut unless you took her out. I went back and forth and the decision was solid when I saw this. 

Nice!!! A complete set of accessories including the doll stand. Now she has a way to stand all on her own. Here she comes out!

A close up. How can you not love the sweet face and the ribbons in her hair?

And a picture from the back of the box. Did any of you want all the Barbie party goods for your birthdays?

And here she is! Fastened and fluffed skirt, shoes on and situated nicely on her doll stand. Love!

 I think what I love most is the glittery strands in her hair. Perfect for a party!

You are going to looooove this next one!

When I was little I took my Happy Holidays Barbies out of the box and played with them. They always wore their same dresses because, why would you ever want to change out of those beautiful gowns!

For Christmas, the same year I got my 1990 Happy Holidays Barbie, I also got Wedding Fantasy Barbie. She changed her clothes some because she obviously isn't going to wear the dress to the honeymoon with Ken right? :)

After I fell out of collecting Barbie I patched up the Happy Holiday boxes as much as I could and because she was a collector and had a box that was impossible to put back together, she was housed and GLUED shut with the other doll. 

Well looky what I now have!

Unfortunately Wedding Fantasy Barbie looks like a fallen angel so naturally we had to take her out and fix her up!

There, all out and ready to be fixed up for the wedding day. 

Her veil was attached to her head. So like the fan with Dance Magic Barbie, it needed to be cut from her hair. 

Oh. My. Goodness!!

She is breathtaking!

She had her stand and her adorable little garter. 

It took a little fanagling to get the veil to cooperate but I finally got it.

It even had all the wedding party decorations still attached to the cardboard.

And the excerpt from the back of the cardboard part of the box."Barbie is dreaming of her wedding day, and what a beautiful day it will be! There are flowers everywhere. Soft music fills the air. And Ken looks so handsome in his tux. As Barbie moves down the aisle, everyone turns. She is the most glamorous bride they've ever seen! Her spectacular gown covered with iridescent lacy roses in full bloom, sparkles in the candlelight. Her veil floats like a cloud around her. She is so happy. She knows that someday her dream really will come true."

It also shows that she comes with a "lingerie trousseau." I had forgotten but this is the center overlay of her dress. I didn't take it off as it proved to be a little tough so I just left it on. But you can believe that I did have her wearing that when I played with her as a child!

So so so happy to have a Wedding Fantasy Barbie out of the box again. 

And last but certainly not least!

The fabulous Dance 'n Twirl Barbie! (with another box in sad shape.)

And let's take a look at what the box says:

"The first Barbie doll ever to dance by radio control." How have I never heard of her?

I was so excited to try this out. She came complete with the remote and base!

Unfortunately she has those clear straps that tend to deteriorate over time. Because they were not serving any purpose anymore, they went. 

But she has a beautiful twirly skirt and I combed out the fringe so it looks nice. 

I love the straight hair. The only thing I don't like is the earrings. Because of the way they are strung, the bottom jewel doesn't hang straight down. But I can overlook that for sure. 

She has a starburst pattern on her skirt that I thought might glow in the dark. No such luck. Don't you love the pink?

The funny thing about this is it came with the instructions! (The instructions are something I totally kept when they came with my dolls.) The instructions said that the radio control might not work if a CB or other radio waved instrument was in range. So I wasn't surprised when this didn't work. This was made before the days of wi-fi so I'm sure that causes some interference somehow. However I have another stand for a doll! And the cool thing is there is a place for Ken's feet so he can dance with her. I think I might add the My First Ken to be her dancing partner!

The excerpt on the back of the box. "The music begins. Barbie twirls across the dance floor in her sparkling gown. She's absolutely breathtaking! Everything about her flows like music. She spins in one direction, then the other. She glides across the floor and twirls round and round, her long hair and gown flowing around her. For her grand finale, Barbie dances romantically with her favorite partner, Ken! Together they make dancing truly magical!"

Don't you love the write ups? :)

Three beautiful dolls and three stands! I'm so excited about the doll stands, could you tell? 

So now what do I do with these boxes? Keep them? Collapse them down and keep or toss them? I don't know what to do. What do you all do with your boxes?

Do you have any of these beautiful dolls? Be sure and let me know in the comments!

Next time I have a very fun post with some Barbies and a new "little" doll I just received. Stay tuned!