Another version of Who Is She? RESOLVED!

9/13 - My wonderful reader found out that she is the Easter Bunny Fun Barbie and Kelly Target Exclusive Gift Set. So cute!
I don't have the original outfit for her so I had to pick a piece from my collection. Here is a fun springtime dress and I think the jacket is handmade. I got it from a yard sale.

I also added some cute purple platform heels. These were the shoes that seemed to match the best.

I love her. She has such a sweet face and is so cute and springy. Thanks for the identification Andrea!

~Original Post~

Beautiful doll, can't find her online anywhere!

The hat is sewn on and she has a kind of strawberry-blond hair.

The help! What doll is this? I would love to dress her in the correct outfit. She looks like a Barbie, not like a Teresa and the lighter hair also suggests that she is a Barbie.

~Want to dress her in correct clothes~