Hannah Montana

Very nice garage sale find. No help needed here, it didn't take me long to figure out who she was.

At first I didn't know she was a Hannah Montana but I knew she definitely wasn't a Barbie. But...she sings! So you type in the Google search "dolls that sing Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" and you come up with her. Hannah Montana Holiday Pop Star from 2008.

She came complete with all her bracelets and her necklace was still held in place by the clear rubber bands. I knew she hadn't been played with much because her hair was still relatively shiny and didn't take much effort to comb. And her white velvet coat wasn't dirty.

She came wearing some blue knee-high boots and I realized that they weren't on all the way. When I pushed them on, they didn't seem to fit under her tight pants very well. When I took them off, they were the same boots that the Really Rosy Barbie dolls wear. I wondered if this doll was made by Mattel.

Another Google search and I quickly discovered that those are not her original boots.

Cute little silver platform heels. The only silver heels I have are open toe and would fit a Barbie doll with thin toes. Her foot is a little thick so I dressed her in some cute black ankle boots.

But anyway, I love her and she will definitely have a place on my shelf. (And I even push her play button once in a while because hey, her version of Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree is kind of catchy!)

Don't you think the Mickey ears fit the picture? She is after all Disney :)

~What I wouldn't give for a coat like that!~