Original Twist N' Turn Barbie

I remember my mom telling me about how she could trade in her old Barbie, pay $1.50 and get the new Twist N' Turn Barbie. Well, here she is! She is wearing the original My Favorite Barbie American Girl Swimsuit. (I have the neon orange bikini with the white mesh cover-up she came in but I'm missing the top!)
I guess along the way I thought she was a Francie doll because when I got her from my mom she was wearing the poncho shown below. The poncho has the "Francie" label inside. So my mom must have had Barbie's Mod cousin at one point!
Photo from www.rubylane.com
The help! I don't have the cowboy boots that go with this poncho. Some pictures I see on eBay show plain light blue boots and some have a green trim at the top.
So which are correct? And where to get just the boots?

~My next purchase, Francie doll~