Back from Vacation and $8 of Goodness

Hello all!

I'm finally back from vacation. I had a lovey time in Maui! The weather was perfect and it was the best time swimming and snorkeling and boogie boarding and body surfing and.....well, just everything!

Here is a picture from our trip. Me and my hubby by the palm tree.

 photo IMG_8516_zps8cde9cc4.jpg

But now I'm back and ready with more Barbie awesomeness!

So I went to the thrift store and got another load of Barbies!

 photo IMG_9014_zps90cdab2f.jpg

I wasn't very impressed with the service at the store this time around. There was a new guy and girl there, not the usual eclectic, new age, fun girls that are there. But I will tell you that I got a whopping 38 dolls! When I went up to the counter with my stash, this is the conversation that played out.

Me: I know this looks a little strange but I love dolls! (laugh)
Girl: (no laugh, no smile) Well...some of these dolls have price tags on them.
Me: Well, they are usually $1 per pound, that's usually what all the toys are.
Girl: (starts taking dolls out of the bag) well, there are prices on some of them because they are collector.
Guy: (Sitting back behind the counter on a laptop) I checked all those dolls.
Girl: You checked ALL of these?
Guy: Yeah, all of them are not real collectible. They all say 1967 or so on the back which is the year of the mold.
Me: You know your dolls!
Guy: (smiles)
Girl: Ok, we'll do it by the pound.

Note that the last time I got dolls there were the same tags on them. Most read $2. They are not the tags the store uses because theres say "ReGroup" on them. I'm thinking that these were at a yard sale or other store and didn't sell so they donated them. Every time I have got dolls I have paid $1 per pound. Even when I bought 3 pieces of doll clothing (which weigh nothing) I paid $1 because the money goes to Hospice so that is a good cause.

I'm willing to pay for dolls what they are worth. I will not rip someone off but if I can get a bargain, I do it. Especially for dolls with the old body style. But when I have paid $1 per pound in the year I have been going to that store and they are in that section, I expect to pay what they are signed at. If they wanted to go by the tag price (again, that was not their stores tags) then they should have moved them.

I like the other girls better. They actually talk to you and laugh with you and have fun. Also note that I have never been there on a Thursday. I'll continue to go on Friday when the other staff works.

Okay, ready for the magnificent 38? Some are very unique so I'll need some ID's! (Andrea!)

First we have another sparkle haired doll exactly like the one I got before. I think this one's hair is a little longer. I may put her in the "Barbie Club" crop Tee and shorts set after I give her a bath. The next has black painted on leggings and a swimsuit. However, it does not fit real well on Barbie. Her chest is too big. Maybe a Skipper swimsuit? I'm sure it would fit my Jazzie doll! The next is Glitter Beach Barbie. I have her already and put her in a nice Hawaiian ensemble. I think I will use this one because the other one has some terrible black spots on her legs that I can't seem to remove. Probably from the spray glitter she came with. The next is a generic doll.

 photo IMG_9016_zps454bb7aa.jpg

Glitter hair Barbie looks like this one from last time.

 photo IMG_8460_zpscf3eec08.jpg

Here is my Glitter Beach Barbie!

Next we have some fully anatomical dolls! The one on the left only has the arms. The two in the middle have both moving elbows and knees and flat feet. They are also wearing clothes that are way too big. The one on the right is so pretty. She has this cute lingerie with pink bow earrings. So cute.

 photo IMG_9017_zpsd5aa5dc1.jpg

This doll has golden hair but is not a Barbie. I don't know what she is! But tell me, is this the jumpsuit from Great Shapes Barbie?

 photo IMG_9018_zps98ec01b3.jpg

She has faded looking eyes. Maybe she goes to sleep when you rub icy water on them? Kind of like Bedtime Barbie? Sorry for the blurry picture but her irises have stars in them.

 photo IMG_9019_zps7a58d95f.jpg

Next we have a little bit of a mix. We have a non-Barbie with a split waist. A Barbie, a darker skinned Teresa with a beaded necklace and another non-Barbie wearing some kind of dress?

 photo IMG_9020_zps571e831a.jpg

This "dress" reminds me of Dance Magic Barbie where when you take off her skirt, her dress becomes a ballet outfit. I don't think this is complete! Also, her head fell off and was pushed on so a high-necked outfit may be ideal for her. 

 photo IMG_9022_zps33f17a8c.jpg

This is the one from the left. She has glass eyes. Very pretty.

 photo IMG_9021_zps3bb00386.jpg

Now we have some interesting ones. The one on the left has an interesting lower section. It's not like "panties" like some of the older dolls. It's more round? I guess? The next is a non-Barbie wearing a strange dress, an older Barbie and a newer Barbie.

 photo IMG_9023_zpsa02be9ae.jpg

Here is a close up of the dress. I don't think it's genuine Barbie. It fits the waist fine but the halter top is way too big.

 photo IMG_9024_zpsc4a5e682.jpg

Our next group has the new body types. I'm not sure what the one on the left is. A Disney maybe? The one on the right has a pretty pink streak in her hair!

 photo IMG_9025_zps57ce9cec.jpg

Now we have body types both new and old. The one on the right has anatomical knees but I had a hard time sitting her up as they are very loose. But take a look at the second doll.

 photo IMG_9026_zpsabe9a700.jpg

This waist is soft and squishy. I have NO idea who she is!

 photo IMG_9027_zps94738912.jpg

So now we have more old and new bodied beauties! Left has anatomical arms. Then a new body, then a generic old body, then a dark skinned new body. Who is she?

 photo IMG_9028_zpsb3636570.jpg

Now we have a new body, another squishy waist doll, an old body and a beautiful AA doll. She is wearing a bead necklace and has somewhat of a do-rag attached to her hair. Any one know who she is?

This doll is a little odd. She must be a runner or something because when her legs move, her arms swing back! She's cute though!
 photo IMG_9030_zpsb4f8ea48.jpg

Now the last group. First a non-Barbie wearing a peasant dress (it seems to fit okay, not perfect though.) A Snow White wearing a Cinderella dress that doesn't fully close in the back. A new bodied Barbie with pink legs. Maybe a ballerina? Then the last doll, a generic old body.

 photo IMG_9031_zpsf4568e6b.jpg

I lied. I do have a few more. A couple of McDonalds dolls and a little Kelly!

 photo IMG_9032_zps484cd0f7.jpg

I also got an extra leg. It's plastic, not vinyl but it will do when I need another leg for something. I also had to pass up a couple of dolls. I passed by a Twilight Edward doll. He had one entire foot chewed off and the other foot was 3/4 of the way chewed off. I might have picked him up in the mix had his feet been intact but he is a BIG doll! I don't think Ken's clothes will fit! I also passed up a beautiful good condition Ariel doll. I loved the red hair but her hips were very big. Again, no clothes would have fit them. There was a small and skinny Tinkerbell doll and then a few Bratz (with no feet though!) All in all, I did well with this run!

I hope you all get a chance to read this and help me with some identification. I am so bad at finding out what dolls are so I'm glad I have readers like you to help!

Until next time!