The Year of Haute Couture - April

Welcome to the newest installment of Haute Couture Fashion from the Haute Couture calendar. You will recall that all these designs were by the master of Haute Couture, Robert Best!

For April we have a beautiful Springtime outfit. I present:

April - Garden Party Barbie (2009)

 photo April_zpsb857fa55.jpg

When you think of spring tea or garden party, do you picture something like this? Light, airy, floral print dress, white gloves, pearls, and wide-brimmed hat? She is absolutely beautiful. I wouldn't mind having a dress like this (except it would never look as good on me as it does on Barbie!)

Well friends, this is all I could find for the real doll.
Can anyone confirm that they did not make an actual 'doll' for this beautiful creation? It's sad because this is such a beautiful dress. They did decided to add a pink cardigan for the outfit. But I want to see it on a doll. I want to see it on a doll because of the pearls!

But we do have some other "Garden Party" ensembles that have made an appearance through the years.

1962-1963 Vintage Garden Party (this one has pearls!)

This is the 1964 Barbie Vintage Garden Tea Party, similar to the one shown above. It was only made for one year so it is extremely hard to find.
1988 Garden Party Barbie, with so many flower-pretty looks!
And the back of the box showing the looks.

Well, that's all for today. Let me know if anyone finds a good picture of Robert Best's Garden Party on a doll!