Pretty Treasures for Barbie


Sorry again for the lack of posts! I've been gearing up for vacation so it's been super busy! But today I bring you a new post and there will be one most post before I go on vacation for over a week. Then another new post right after I get back. Today is the day to get them all ready for your viewing pleasure!

First, I was looking through a box for accessories for one of my dolls and I came across this small package.

My mom sold Avon (still does!) and in the past, Avon came out with a great line of dolls and accessories. I found this under the Christmas tree one year when I was a kid.

Of course, because I was meticulous with all my dolls and accessories, it never ever came out of the package. (I still wonder why I was THAT meticulous.)

Let's see what these pretty treasure are!

Wedding treasures!

Upon further inspection it looks like we have obviously a wedding cake, gift package and some silver stuff.

When I looked closer at this tiny silver package wrapped very tight with bubble wrap, I decided here and now I was not going to open it. It contains a drink pitcher, cups and very teeny tiny silverware.

Now I love accessories. LOVE LOVE LOVE accessories and the smaller they are the better! But because I do not have a place to display this beautiful wedding flatware set, they will stay in their safe little bag.

But I did find a picture on the web of what is inside this bag.
See? tiny! A cake server, forks, lace napkins with rings, a pitcher and four cups. Adorable!

But I do have a hankering to take the cake out of the bag! It comes in two halves which fit together snug. These will not be coming apart again. They are stuck for good! (And the table is one of those plastic pieces that come in a pizza box. They make great Barbie tables!)

And unfortunately I did not get a picture of my beautiful winter bride with her cake. But this is the doll who will be proudly displaying the cake.

I was looking closely to the Barbie and Ken picture on the top of the cake and can't make out her dress. I don't know if they just use a Barbie that has been placed on the market or if they have stock photos of dolls to use on things like this but I can't place the dress. Anyone see it close enough to tell?

Looks kind of like this FA dress doesn't it?
Also in the bag with the cake was the gift and two plates.

When looking on the web for pictures of these Pretty Treasures for Barbie by Avon, I saw that there were other Pretty Treasures that were not sold by Avon. Do you have any Pretty Treasures for Barbie and her friends? Or any other tiny accessories in general that you just love? Let me know in the comments!

There will be one more post this week before I head out for vacation. I'll publish it Thursday before I leave. Stay tuned!