Barbie Shelf Woes and Collection Showcase

So last week I walked in and found a rather unusual sight.

My Barbie shelf is in my office and sits about about a foot from the door jamb. It's really hard to run into it actually because it's not that deep and doesn't stick out in the room too much. But I'm telling you. There is NO way all this could have happened without someone running into it. I'm thinking either the hubby or I were sleepwalking (which I have been known to do in the past) or an earthquake.

Total Barbie dogpile!

At the edge of the shelf on the very end I have Splash n' Color Kira. Next to her (moving toward the inside of the shelf) is my Really Rosy Kayla. The only thing I can think of is that Kayla fell over knocking down Kira then tumbling to the bottom below where I have Stacy, and my Easter Bunny Fun Barbie. Stacy must have been knocked off balance at the very end. I have had the Kayla in the same spot for over 2 years. Wonder why she just NOW decided to fall over!

Leaning Tower of Barbies. This however is nothing new but for some reason ALL of them seemed to be tipped over rather than just one or two. I have no idea how to get them to keep upright. They don't have shoes on, you'd think their vinyl feet would be just "sticky" enough to keep them planted. Guess not!

Then when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I look up to the top shelf to see Superstar Ken has taken a tumble backwards. Good thing Barbie was holding onto him!

Luckily all Barbies came away without a scratch. What a sight though! See what I mean? Someone must have bumped into it in the night (or an earthquake.)

All are back in their spots and upright now.

And I did have to share this display as well. To the left of the shelf is a TV stand where I have the most beautiful Fashion Photo PJ with my collection of vintage Barbie Hallmark ornaments. LOVE.

The little white box to PJ's left is a Barbie and Ken wedding day ornament set. I have the single blonde ponytail doll ornament in front and in the box is a beautiful brunette ponytail ornament along with Ken.

So readers, show me your awesome dolly displays! I would love to see them. Mine is by no means the best or most organized that's for sure. But it was the only shelf I had at the time so I will make do. But when I build my new house I will have an entire office dedicated to my awesome collection! Can't wait! But yes, post pics in the comments!

Now the collection showcase. There was one more doll featured in my Barbie vacation photo shoot that has not been featured on the blog. She is...

The 2005 Beach Fun Barbie!

Not really a whole lot to this doll. I got her about the time I started this blog. She was in nice condition so I kept her on my shelf. The perfect braid in her hair and the still "on" toenail polish tells me she was not played with a whole lot.

And loving the cute little tankini!

This doll does not come with a whole lot of accessories. A pair of sunglasses, a lace cover-up and a bottle of suntan lotion (all pieces I do not have.)

In addition to Barbie there were Summer, Lea, and Christie.
And dudes Steven, Blaine, and Ken.
Do you have any of the Beach Fun collection? Let me know!

I am ashamed to say that I have NOT been working on the Benny doll project. I guess i'm feeling a little uninspired right now! But I have been working on knitting a scarf that I started 9 years ago. (Yeah, I know...... I just get inspired NOW to finish it??) So needless to say if I continue to be inspired to knit I will have it done just in time to look at it for a few months until winter rolls around again. ha!

Next time I post I will be featuring some fun dollies I hope you will all enjoy. Until then!