Collection Showcase: Glitter Hair Barbie

I'm back! I had a great vacation and honestly, not yet ready to go back to reality. But vacation has to end sometime right? (Unfortunately.)

Last post we saw some photos of the Barbie's vacation to Hawaii. There are two dolls that I have not featured yet on this blog. One of them will be featured today!

A doll from my childhood collection. The most fabulous Glitter Hair Barbie. And she loves the sun for sure!

As cute as this dress is (loving the glitter skirt!) the picture on the top is a representation of a logo that we don't see anymore.
LA Looks Styling Gel! Do they even sell this anymore? So contrary to what some might think, she is actually Glitter Hair Barbie not LA Looks Barbie. But the fun part of this doll is she actually came with her own bottle of LA Looks Glitter Gel to use for styling her hair. I put streaks down her hair which are barley visible anymore but I tried to photograph anyway.

Then I never used it again because I was meticulous with my dolls! (And it was never ever okay to use it up, haha, can't believe I was like that!)

I love palm trees. I've always been fascinated with them. Which makes me especially fond of her awesome earrings!

And even though she is wearing a dress, she comes with pink sneakers.

Glitter Hair Barbie came with 3 different dolls. All named "Barbie" yet they have different hair colors.
A blonde, brunette, and redhead. You might recall last year I scored the redhead at the thrift store. You can check out the post here!

Here is Barbie and her sister posing in the warm sun.

Beautiful dolls. I actually had some fun with the redhead. When I got her I put glitter in her bangs. :)

Glitter Hair Barbie came with the accessories shown. Tube of glitter gel, the comb that screws onto the gel tube, and a visor. I think I'll keep the visor on for now. It's actually really cute on her!

And I am mistaken! Upon researching this doll the trial size of the LA Looks Gel did not come with this Barbie. It came with a Happening Hair Fashion that I cannot find a picture of. I did find a picture of the back of the box though. I can find the other three fashions but not this one. It's second from the right with the cute little half top and jeans.
When I saw pictures of the other three outfits I knew I had that top with the fun stripes.

As before, these dolls with the long hair are seriously after my heart. I was so lucky to find the redhead doll with her original length hair as some little girls love playing beauty parlor! Maybe someday I'll be able to pick up the brunette doll.

Side note: I went to the thrift store before I went on vacation and did not find ONE doll! Sad times!

Do any of you have Glitter Hair Barbie or these super cute Happening Hair Fashions? Let me know in the comments!

Our other mystery doll from the Barbie Vacation will be featured soon! Also some updates from the Benny sewing project!

Until then!