Birthday Surprises

Hello readers! I had a wonderful time at the beach for my birthday. My husband and a couple of friends left a day before me (can't take a day off from a new job) and the only days where it didn't rain were the days I was there. Can't ask for better birthday weather than that!

It was extra special having 4 friends, my husband, and my parents there to help me celebrate. My mom, having already got me the Lucy and Ethel dolls, also surprised me with these. 

The 1997 101 Dalmatians Teresa doll

And the 1995 Crystal Splendor Barbie.

I love them! The perfect 80's dolls to add to my NFRB collection. My mom is super :)

I got some scores at the thrift store so be on the watch for that post!

~Loving birthday surprises~