Thrift Store Goodies

I finally took a pic of the toy section of the thrift store just to show you what I go through every week.

Okay, so maybe it doesn't look so bad in the pic but it's a chore to dig through. However, I really don't mind! I love to dig and I've scored some awesome goods. Look to the left, there is a Barbie house and behind that a yellow toy box. I didn't buy the house because it didn't have any pieces and was super heavy. Since it's $1 per pound, I didn't bother (and I have no where to put it.) But when I looked in the toy box, I found some treasures!

More clothes! I like clothes, running out of places for them but whatever, they're fun! Most of them are not Genuine Barbie and there was *I think* a MyScene doll. She had plastic hair with a wig (kind of like the vintage My Favorite Barbie) so I'm hoping that these clothes are not for her. However they might be. (Andrea, you can let me know) hehe :D

Three skirts. Cute no?

Two jackets. The pink one looks a little big for Barbie.

I like the gold jacket but apparently so did a little girl named "Carolyn"

Two little tops and a dress.

The top on the right has a tag that reads "Spin Master." Ring a bell to anyone?

If you click on this pic, I believe you can see a larger image
Two little dresses. I know where they are from :)

This is an interesting but cute outfit. Kind of looks like pajamas.

Some more little tops

Some pants. I'm pretty sure the hat was for the big head doll that I didn't buy in the trunk. Maybe the blue pants too. I think the red penguin pants go with the red shirt shown above.

Two robes. The left one says "HM."

A mod dress. Reminds me of Cher.

This is the ONLY clothing marked with a Genuine Barbie tag. Who's it from?

Also got some Ken clothes this time around! Maybe the tuxedo/pant combo is from a My First Ken? The orange shirt has an eagle on it and underneath it says "Ken."

This looks like it's for a baby doll. Remember the sets where you and your baby had the same nightgowns? This looks like something along those lines.

Accessories! A cute hawaiian print rolling bag (for my Jet Set Paris Barbie!) and also a hat box trunk, big tooth comb, purse, another weird long purse and what looks like a Barbie ski.

Bustform? I'm not really sure. It doesn't have a stand but a hole in the bottom so you could have one I guess. And what's with the back? I'm confused by this one!

You will be pleased to know that I also scored some dolls! Yay!

A modern Ken. I think I will dress him in the orange shirt above with the cargo pants I had in a previous post.

A very beautiful AA doll. I love her!

Who is this tan beauty?

A dirty Teresa doll. I really don't dig the white lipstick on dolls. Who is the dress from? A Fashionista?

And lastly, this one

At first glance, she kind of looked like a Cinderella. But get a load of the shoes.

So cute. They don't come off really well so that's the reason they were still on the doll. Also, her legs are really bendy.

A close up of her sweet face. (Wild hair but that can be fixed.)

I'm excited by these finds! Not sure on the clothes. They are all dirty so I have some laundry to do this weekend! I think my favorite of the group is the AA doll. I honestly didn't look for any shoes this week. I didn't want to dig that hard.

Also, in a couple previous posts, I've mentioned a purchase I made that I can't wait to post about. I don't have the item because it accidentally got sent to my old workplace. I had a friend pick it up for me and now I just have to get it from her. Once I do, the post will go up! So excited to get it and show it to you.

Until next time!

~My Barbies have as many clothes as Ken does in Toy Story 3~ :)