Thrift Store Goodies and Clothing Fun

I had a fun experience with the Boo-tiful Halloween Dress. I had all my freshly washed clothes laying out in the bathroom. I went in there to take a shower and then after my shower I turned off the light and started to leave. However, the dress caught my eye and startled me because it was glowing! I should have known but it was cool nontheless!

Okay, on to the goodies!

First, we know who this girl is (mainly because I have her.) The palm tree earrings are a dead giveaway.

She is Giltter Hair Barbie and she came with three different hair colors. My dolls hair is blond and this girl is a gorgeous redhead! I washed her hair so it's nice and shiny.

I dressed her in something to match the earrings. A fun 90's pink and purple party dress and bolero jacket. So cute!

I picked up a couple of Hannah Montana dolls too! Here is the first one.

She came wearing a pair of distressed jeans. There are not a ton of Hannah dolls out there so I looked for some that had the same type of jeans. This is what I found.

The Hannah Montana In Concert Collection. But the doll I have doesn't sing. I wonder if she came in a non-singing version like some of the singing Barbies do.

Here she is. She still needs the cute teal shirt. Don't worry, she won't be displayed like this. Just a little risque!

Remember that this was "Carolyn's" favorite jacket?

Nothing a little oxy-clean and a toothbrush can't remove.

The other Hannah Montana doll. This one I dressed in the Secret Star Sleep Over outfit I got last week. She is holding the robe she comes with because you can't get it on over the puffy sleeves on the nightshirt. I love it!

Other finds. There were a lot of these Disney dolls in the mix. She looks like a Tinkerbell. I didn't take them because I wasn't thrilled with the body types. This one has a older style Barbie body so I figured I could use it if I have a spare head.

A pretty Teresa with the older style body.

This lovely lady has a pretty face.

She has to be a fairy. But how do her wings move? I don't have the wings but I didn't see a button or something to flutter the wings.

And I mentioned in the last post that I picked up the Liv "It's My Nature" Sophie doll. I took Andrea's advice and bought it for the articulated body. I never had a doll with articulated ankles!

Since I had her original outfit I decided to dress her in it.

You know, I kind of like her! Her glass eyes are really pretty. I don't usually like dolls with big heads but it doesn't seem that inproportionate to the rest of her body. Not like Bratz dolls or anything.

I was searching for the "It's My Nature" dolls and apparently there are a few of them and they all have a different outdoor hobby. Sophie is the snow bunny hair stylist. I have the hat and I WISH I had that super cute vest!

Check out this link for some really cute pics of Sophie and her friends.

It's My Nature Sophie - a photoset by ★dms_a_jem★ on Flickriver

So I think that Sophie will have to go on my shelf.

I got a few pieces of clothing too.

A cute sparkly gold shirt

Another cute sparkly shirt

Cute blue shorts

And a nightshirt. I think this may be for a baby doll though.

All of the clothes don't have tags except for the shorts which have a tag that reads "myscene."

I also got some accessories!

Cute orange purse. Don't the Fashionistas have solid plastic purses?

And of course, some shoes. What's with the cloth boot? I wish there were two of the brown ones. Wonder which doll they go to.

And one last accessory. This cute directors chair.

Here is Sporty Fashionista proudly displaying her vintage friends.

Okay, some clothing fun.

The Boo-tiful Halloween dress came out about 2 shades lighter after I washed it and I worked on the other little spots and got them out too.

So I put it on this doll.

I might take it off though. The sleeve did not want to go over her bent arm so it's really tight. But I wanted to put it on a doll with this face.

Remember Skipper? Her hair was really flyaway and was kind of smelly so I washed it when I washed Glitter Hair Barbies.

I was going to put this outfit on the Generation Girl Dance Party Tori. However, her dirty nose did not come clean so she will have to stay in the box until I can work on it some more. So I dressed my Skipper. And now she has really nice and shiny hair (and awesome smelling too!)

The jacket with stars fits great. The shirt is just a little big but not as big as a Barbie shirt. The skirt is huge so I tucked the shirt in to kind of hold it there. Not a bad look for Miss Skipper!

Maybe someone can help me ID these boots. Super cute. SUPER tiny!

They don't fit a Barbie or a Skipper. I forgot to take a side pic but really, you can tell how small they are from this pic. They are super super tiny. They have a slit in the back so you can get them on easily. Maybe a Kelly?

That's it for this post! My mom also called and said she got me this years Halloween Barbie. I should be getting it around Thanksgiving so I'll post it up then. And maybe some more thrift store goodies in the next post! There was a lot of "stuff" at the toy bin and everything was everywhere. They should have it relatively picked up next time so I can try to find completions to outfits. We'll see!

~Teresa, the Barbie super hair styler~