Barbie hits the land down under


Barbie project update: I made copies of all the patterns that my mother in law let me copy. I purchased a pretty pink sparkly notebook and some protector sleeves to put them in. Now all I have to do is bust out the sewing machine and get to work!

HOWEVER.....I just found out that my dad bought me a brand new (brand-new as in, only used twice) sewing machine at a garage sale! It does all the fancy stuff that mine can't do. Mine is a basic BASIC Brother and in addition to only doing straight and ziz-zag stitches, the pedal is sticky resulting in very fast and uneven stitches that I have to get under control with the right pressure on the right part of the pedal.

So annoying!

So I want to hold out for the new Singer waiting for me 150 miles away. But who knows? Maybe I'll bust out the Brother and give it a whirl. I just put in a new light bulb so I got to get some use out of that right? :)

Onto the doll for today!

Can you believe that there was one doll that I received for Christmas that I forgot to show you all? Ack, I know!

This Barbie is part of the new dolls of the world collection. She is my very first one and she is from Australia!

 photo IMG_8244_zps7828d9cf.jpg

My mom picked her out because of the cute little koala bear on the arm. How precious is that?

First of all, let's talk about how this doll is packaged. Perfectly! The box opens up like a book allowing for some unfiltered boxed but deboxed pictures! I love when that happens, don't you?

She has almost an ethereal look. Sort of daydreamy to me (in a way.) The glassy blue eyes are beautiful. Not quite digging the plastic hat but it fits well. Perfect for a day in the outback!

 photo IMG_8245_zps24d6b68d.jpg

Her outfit is adorable. My favorite is the cargo skirt. And the bag and snakeskin belt adds a perfect touch. And wow! Check those boots!

 photo IMG_8287_zps29f29165.jpg

But the best accessory? The cute little koala bear!

 photo IMG_8289_zps142b458c.jpg

So here is an interesting fact. I've been to New Zealand. Beautiful country by the way, if you get a chance to go, do. It's awesome. As I was walking around the city of Dunedin (du-NEE-dən) one day, I had two complete strangers ask me if blond was my natural hair color. At first I was a little offended but then realized that most New Zealanders are of Maori Indian descent so then I could understand why they were thinking I was a tourist. Super nice people too.

I wonder if Australian's are the same way (since the countries are so close together.) But either way, blond or not, Barbie is still cute as always!

What is your favorite doll of the world?

Until next time!