Happy Memorial Day!

I hope all of you have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend! DRIVE SAFE, I saw three state troopers in less than a mile on my way home from work today.

What do you like to do on Memorial Day? Visit family? Maybe have a barbeque cookout or picnic? This girl, she LOVES to camp!

 photo IMG_9199_zps45c516dc.jpg

This is Camp Teresa and if I had to pick one of my Teresa's, she is my absolute favorite. I love her hair, cute clothes, everything!

She is so beautiful. I think the hair color is what gets me the most. It's kind of a sunbleached look. Most Teresa's have darker hair but not her. They gave her a lighter one which I love love love.

 photo IMG_9201_zpsfea9143d.jpg

Someday I will have all the Camp dolls. I love them!

I won't get too much into Camp Teresa because she is going to be featured in a post very soon! When I was little I gave her a "vehicle" so that is going to be featured as well. I've been wanting to do it for a while but...you know how that goes!

Do you have any Camp dolls? If you don't, you should. ;)

Again, have a very fun Memorial Day weekend!