Hooray for Hollywood!

For years Hollywood has always amazed us all. I mean, that's were all the movie stars live right? And the iconic letters that sit high above the city. What a place! It's so amazing that there have even been songs written about from singers such as Jay-Z and Madonna.

But what about this Hollywood song? When we think of "Hooray for Hollywood" I think of this version by Doris Day. (It's 3 minutes and features big name silver screen stars. Well worth the time to watch!)

Also when I think of "Hooray for Hollywood" I think of her.

 photo IMG_9179_zps810e6ae2.jpg

"Hooray for Hollywood" was a Barbie that came out in the Avon catalog back in the early 00's. My mom sold Avon so I acquired all of these cool, unique dolls that you usually don't see everywhere. This is one of my favorites.

The back of the box has a little story about our glamour girl.

 photo IMG_9180_zpsc0692267.jpg

It reads: "It is Hollywood's Golden Era, and the world-famous star of the silver screen, Barbie, has just arrived for the premiere of her movie, "Sweet Romance." Barbie dolls' glamorous look is timeless. Her golden gown is pure sophistication. Shimmery and sleek, it is finished with a dramatic full flare. Her gold-tone shoes and luxurious white stole are classics. With her tickets and program, Barbie is ready for enjoy her latest film. But first, she smiles warmly, then waves to the crowd and signs an autograph or two, giving her fans even more reasons to cheer "hooray.""

Cute write up!

Ready to view Barbie? Here she is, at the premiere like they said!

 photo IMG_9181_zps394abd69.jpg

What a cute box design! I had to hold the top up while I took the picture. It kept falling down from years of storage. The pop-up top is such a cute idea.

Look how pretty she is.

 photo IMG_9182_zpse4ce250b.jpg

We are in luck because the box is Barbie friendly! Boxed but deboxed pictures!

I love that her lips are super red. It reminds me of that era when red was in. Hair is so pretty!

 photo IMG_9184_zpscaa4218c.jpg

The write up mentioned shoes. I forgot to get a pic of those but I did get a pic of the cute little purse. It reminds me of some of the vintage Barbie purses that I played with when I stayed with my Grandma (which were leftover pieces from my mom's collection).

 photo IMG_9185_zps2926df3b.jpg

She wears elbow length black gloves and holds her tickets. Elbow length black gloves remind me of Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

 photo IMG_9187_zps7ae670a0.jpg

And you even got a free gift with this doll: your very own movie clapboard keychain!

 photo IMG_9186_zps5f8cef82.jpg

There have been a few more Hollywood dolls that have come out through the years. I even think that they made an Audrey Hepburn doll from her movie "Breakfast at Tiffanys." But in my collection I have a couple.

First, Superstar Barbie! One of my favorites and I have an entire blog post about her here. Then in a post last month, I wrote about how I got Superstar Ken at a garage sale. You can read about it here.

So I paired the two up and they are all ready to go to the Academy Awards!

Ken and his lovely date Barbie.

 photo IMG_9189_zpsb6e72a48.jpg

Ken says "I have the prettiest date!"

 photo IMG_9191_zpsaf09e92e.jpg

Barbie says "I'm a lucky girl to have a date as handsome as you!"

 photo IMG_9192_zps1b6a98db.jpg

They are really cute together.

 photo IMG_9190_zpsbcbd2f39.jpg

And for the last doll of the post, my beautiful Hollywood Hair Teresa. Don't you just love this color of orange?

 photo IMG_9194_zps6dcd4216.jpg

I got her as a Christmas gift from my Grandma years ago. As I've mentioned before, I have quite a few Teresa's in my collection. My mom and grandma were torn on who to buy for me as my name is Teresa but I look more like Barbie because of my blond hair. But I'm not complaining. I love my Teresa dolls!

 photo IMG_9196_zps67609948.jpg

Check this hair! Super long and I think was the longest hair of the time (until Jewel Hair Mermaid, which I also have in the Teresa version).

 photo IMG_9197_zpsf9b2482c.jpg

So why is she "Hollywood" hair? It's because you take the comb with the stars on it and use it as a stencil then use the spray to create stars in the hair. It really works like it says it does! The stars in her hair faded over time but I didn't try it today. I think it might be the different color hair that reacts with the spray. Does anyone know the secret to the magic color change hair?

 photo IMG_9198_zps6f0d05ff.jpg

I also have one of the Hollywood Hair Fashions. This fun gold outfit with a movie reel on the jacket! It's so cute but I didn't get a picture of it on a doll. It's so fun though!

Anything Barbie wears is befitting for a movie star. But do you have any Hollywood dolls?

Until next time!