A Mini-Project

I want to wait a little bit before I get into my final doll involving snowflakes. It's been SO cold here. Foggy and icky. Just plain COLD!

So let's think of something...a little warmer shall we?

While my husband was out in the alley behind our house he brought me something he found.

This is actually a big fear of mine, leaving an ornament on the tree when it goes out to the trash. I don't have to worry so much as my tree is artificial and goes into a box every year but you should see me when I take down the tree. It's a serious process when I get to the end of the undecorating. I all but climb up the tree to make sure all the ornaments are off. Anyone else the same way? Please don't let me be the only one who stresses themselves out about this. ;)

Unfortunately my tree has nothing to do with the color brown. It's a bunch of green, red, purple, blue, silver, gold and everything in between. But no brown. This poor guy would have stuck out like a sore thumb had I put him on the tree.

Until I got a little idea.

It involves a few supplies.

A little tape

A little paint

Okay, a LOT of paint

A perfect blue wedge

Onto the next color

Definitely not finished yet by any means but it will be a perfect prop for these dolls that I am going to show next. Anyone figured out yet what it will be?

It's definitely a mini-project. The Benny doll has been put on hold because I have not had time to dig out the sewing machine. But mini-projects are always welcomed. :)

I have some FAB-U-LOUS beach dolls. I have featured some of them here in this blog.

The most beautiful (Steffie face!) Wet-n-Wild Teresa and Wet-n-Wild Skipper. As I've mentioned many times before. Wet-n-Wild Teresa is one of my top 5 most favoritest dolls I own.

Next I have Sun Sensations Jazzie wearing a Splash n' Color Skipper swimsuit and the glasses from Beach Blast Miko.

The lovely Palm Beach Teresa and Princess Merliah from A Mermaid Tale. Turtle is so cute no?

The most awesome Cali Girl Christie wearing her own shirt and Cali Girl Lea's swimsuit underneath.

And, of course, my most favorite swim doll of all. She is perfect because she was my moms.

Since I have some swimsuit dolls and some beach furniture, I was thinking of doing a little set up with these dolls. I need a pool though!

So, any more guesses at what the christmas "ball" prop will be?

Stay tuned! More pics to come!