Christmas Treasure #2


Today I am going to show you another treasure I got for Christmas.

I don't know how you all are regarding "in the box" or "out of the box" but with fashions, for me, they are always out of the box. When I got this I exclaimed "I can't wait to get this on a doll!" And my mom said "I knew you would say that" :) She knows me too well.

But how cute is this? We see a lot of Bride Barbie's with short sleeves or strapless gowns but (for me anyway) I have not come across a whole ton of winter bride fashions.

The snowflake? So cute!

So now the challenge is which doll to put it on? I have a bride doll but she is the newer body type. Fashion Avenue is definitely made for the old body type so I had to choose one from the doll box.

Here she is!

The most beautiful Sweet Roses PJ!

I do have her original outfit so I might switch her out someday but for now, she will be the most perfect winter bride ever!

Poor PJ has a broken neck but that did not deter me from giving her the hair treatment she most desperately needed. Those curls don't do well under neglect! However my hubby did make some kind of comment about their being a doll head sans body on the bathroom counter. :)

We also got a new camera for Christmas so this was the perfect time to give it a whirl with my doll photos. Here is PJ all ready for her photo shoot!

She is so pretty. The crushed velvet skirt is perfect!

The outfit is MUCH better out of the box, don't you think? I do have to say this was a challenge to get on the doll. The sleeves wrapped in faux fur made a tight fit for the hands. Her thumb kept getting caught. Then while I was fiddling with getting her hands in the dress, the velcro on the top got stuck to the satin and snagged it a little. (grumble) This definitely is a "leave it on the doll" type of dress.

But again, the snowflake is so adorable on this dress!

Dolls with broken necks are so hard to position. I had to fix the head so it looked like she had a neck while not displaying the cracks. I think it turned out okay! Besides, who can't fall in love with the Steffie mold PJ dolls?

The bouquet also has that adorable snowflake.

I love when shoes have a little detail. For a bride doll I would hope they would! A cute bow adds well to the overall elegance.

The veil needed a little fixing. It was hard to get it to stay on the head and then after being in a box all these years, it kind of stuck out at an odd angle. She sat on my desk for a couple of days so the tulle could mold to her head. Looks okay now!

I just love her in this dress. So so pretty.

And the pictures definitely turned out better too, do you think so?

Any of you have this outfit? Which doll did you put it on? Share comments and/or pics in the comments section!

My next couple of posts will feature snowflake dolls and maybe, just maybe, might have another bride doll. ;)

Until next time!