Christmas Treasure #1, A little help needed!

Happy New Year!

Is everyone glad for 2014? I always feel fresh and new when the new year hits. Not that 2013 was awful but the change is always welcomed with open arms.

I've finished the last of the undecorating and am starting to get my house back in order. Now I actually have time to blog and see if you can help me with a doll that is truly stumping me more than usual!

I opened my last gift from my parents and get her. Breathtaking!

My first thought is that she is absolutely gorgeous. She comes with a metal doll stand, white shoes, and check out that hair!

However I didn't think she is the actual doll that goes with the dress. See the little Z's in her eyes? To me that means she is Hawaiian Fun Barbie as I have her. However my dad told me he found her at a garage sale, the lady said that she had her in a display case in her home. Maybe she did the hair herself? If so that's a really good job.

The back is just a beautiful as the front.

And now this beautiful dress. Maybe it's just a generic playline dress but I'm having a hard time believing that with how much detail is in it. I'm thinking it might be a wedding dress as it has a train. The train is also detachable.

The roses and ruffles are so...Barbie!

And I was surprised when it was a genuine Barbie dress.

Although someone could have taken a Barbie dress and put their own embellishments on it. But to me they look like they are on there from the manufacturer.

This detail is so amazing.

I kind of wish she had the bent arms. Her straight arms are squishing the flowers on the side of the dress at the hips.

In a nutshell, I love her. She is in my top 5.

But what is the dress? And/or doll? I searched for everything I could think of but Google didn't bring up any pictures. I was thinking that someone on flickr would have her but no avail. So friends, who is she and maybe someone else has her?

I'll have another post in the next few days. Until then!