Christmas Treasure #3

Totally unrelated to Barbie, anyone watching the last week of football?

We've already got the Broncos in the Super Bowl, now it's up to the 49ers and the Seahawks. I live in Central Oregon so I'm right in the middle of Seattle and San Francisco so I get a lot of back and forth between friends. But we shall see. However it's a perfect time to blog since I really don't care who wins. Ha!

Last time we saw the most beautiful PJ wearing a winter Fashion Avenue wedding dress, complete with snowflakes!

I mentioned that this post would also feature snowflakes.

I present to you...."Snowflake" herself!

This is a collector edition classic ballet doll. I believe that my dad picked her up for me at one of the booths at the antique store where he has his own booth set up at. That's a very lucky gig, he gets to be at the store to change out his inventory and he gets to see all the new stuff the other vendors bring it. Fantastical!

Her box is a little beat up however she has a very friendly box allowing for deboxed pictures!

I have never seen The Nutcracker and in regards to dolls, only have seen the Sugar Plum Fairy. Snowflake is also very pretty, dressed appropriately in white and pale blue.

She is a newer body style doll and has a very sweet face. As always, we love the real eyelashes.

She has the cutest snowflakes on her bodice and I love the trim used for the straps, top and bottom of the bodice. And of course, the glittery sleeves!

The back of the box has a great picture of the doll as well as a little excerpt talking about The Nutcracker.

"Experience the wonder and charm of Tchaikovsky's beloved ballet, THE NUTCRACKER with Barbie doll as Snowflake.

The story takes place on Christmas Eve and centers around young Clara, who dreams that she saves her toy nutcracker from the evil clutches of the Mouse King. The nutcracker turns into a handsome prince, who takes Clara to a magical land filled with sugar plum fairies and confectionery delights. As they enter this enchanted kingdom, shimmering snowflakes come to life and dance in their honor.

Barbie doll as Snowflake reflects the splendor of the dancing snow in her shimmering tutu of soft satin and tulle. Glittering snowflakes decorate her bodice while sheer, iridescent tights and delicate blue toe shoes complete her lustrous look. A silvery tiara adorns her beautiful cluster of blond curls.

The Classic Ballet Series features classic ballets that come to life with Barbie. Your Barbie doll as Snowflake has specifically designed legs so you may pose her in actual first through fifth ballet positions for play or display."

I have decided that these dolls with tattered boxes will most definitely have to come out. As much as I love having dolls in their boxes (unless their dresses or hair are messed up then it kills me not taking them out) this doll I think I'm going to keep in the box. The backdrop is too cute to not use. However when I get to display her, I think I'll just keep her tacked onto the cardboard. I love it too much to take her off of it.

This doll even comes with a certificate of authenticity. Unlike the box this piece is in pristine condition.

Side note - I have another doll in a tattered box and have just decided to take her out of the box. But that's for a later post :) You can read my original post about her here!

What do you think of Snowflake? Do you have her or any other dolls from the Classic Ballet Series? Love hearing from you in the comments!

The next post also features snowflakes! Stay tuned!!