Another Gown for Barbie

Another gown for Barbie? Yes please! :)

Remember the gowns from the last post?

Well, I rummaged through my box of dolls and found the only one I had with an older body type.
Here she is. I posted her up long ago, My First Barbie from the early 80's.

Well, the outfit was kind of frumpy and I have the actual Maskerade Party Halloween Barbie so I really don't want to duplicate outfits. Andrea mentioned that she couldn't wait to see the hot pink dress on a doll, here it is!

Beautiful no? For some reason, the bust seems to be a little big even on an older body Barbie. I fastened it as tight as it would go and it looks okay. I may have to find a way to make it even more tight. 

I found some awesome silver opened toe heels but unfortunately I only had ONE! I hate that. :( So these pearlescent white pumps will have to do for now. 


Well, no silver heels but I did have a silver purse!


The hairbow will be adjusted to the side later. The elastic strap broke off so I'll have to reattach it.

I love it, what do you all think?

And I may change the head. I have a Gift Giving Barbie head which has much prettier eyes and hair than this one. I'm not sure what Mattel was thinking with the features of this doll! (but the dress is pretty) :)


Okay, now for thrift store goodies. No dolls this week, boo!

First off I found an adorable sparkly feather boa for my Ice Princess Figure Skater.


A VERY distressed piece of clothing. Maybe a jumper?


Finally, this Genuine Barbie dress.


I have a great idea for a post which will be coming either Sunday or Monday. Until then, have a wonderful, happy, and safe Thanksgiving! (And watch lots of Football :)