The Set is Complete

I'm back. Did you miss me? Just kidding. :)

So you might be asking "what set is complete?" Remember in previous posts that I had a set of beautiful gowns that I received as a Christmas present from my parents when I was a child. These were purchased at Costco and are not Genuine Barbie fashions. But they are so pretty and I just had to put them on dolls.

First was my 2004 Birthday Wishes Barbie in teal and green

Next was Teresa from Barbie of Swan Lake wearing the pink ballet dress

Third was the 1997 Happy Holidays Barbie wearing gold and black

Fourth was my Clueless Cher doll wearing the wedding gown

There were just two left. I'd been waiting for some older body type dolls to put the dresses on. I finally got some and here they are!

A generic 80's/90's doll wearing purple and gold

All of the dresses come with some kind of headpiece. I didn't want to mess up the hair of my Birthday Wishes Barbie so I didn't put it on her and Teresa's hair is so gorgeous that I couldn't bear to put it up to get the headpiece on. But this one looks stunning! So British I think. They always wear beautiful hats.

Finally Odette of Barbie of Swan Lake finishes out the set in black and pink.

Perfect! And the bow is cute too.

Her hair is better. This is one of the dolls whose hair was very tangled and ratty. I tried to smooth it out as best as I could when I washed it and it looks okay. But not perfect.

Anyway, I'm glad the set is all represented and makes a great addition to the top of my Barbie shelf.

However, my mom bought me these dresses at a yard sale.

I'm thinking that this might be another set like the ones I have! Each has a headpiece and accessories and a wedding gown in the mix. The wedding dress is to die for. Mine is an off-white with pearls and lace. This is a true white with glitter, shimmer and pearls.

Hmm, another set might be in the works!

Ready for thrift store goodies?


Okay Andrea, you will have to help me with this one. The halter top does not fit obviously. I just wanted to put it on her so I didn't have to hold onto it at the store. I also put the little daisy shorts on her too.

She has awesome two toned blond hair.

She is different though as she has a lever on her back.

And the string on her hand pulls out. When you pull down the lever, the cord is sucked back in.

Absolutely NO clue who she is! So help is definitely needed with this one. And maybe the shirt too. She has an older body type so I'm not sure if it would fit on a newer doll. I haven't tried yet.

And last, this precious little Kelly that I missed last week.

A cute little ballerina that I'm guessing goes into some kind of music or jewerly box.

She's so cute! Once I get the hair fixed she will be a perfect little addition.

That's it for this week. I'm going to try to be more dilligent in posting. No more of this once a week stuff! (hopefully). Thank you for all your support of my blog. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy posting. :)

~Barbie: the only girl who could pull off wearing a different ball gown every day!~