Barbie Makeover

So I spent a lot of time today making over some of the dolls that I got yesterday. Here is the makeover photo shoot!

Remember her? 

She is Corinne from Barbie and the Three Musketeers. I fixed up her hair and put on her skirt.

AND...her skirt doubles as a cape.

But I'm leaving it as a skirt. Much cuter that way.

And the other skirt/cape I posted yesterday belongs to this doll.

She is Aramina also from Barbie and the Three Musketeers. I don't have the original dress so I had to leave the top on her and add the skirt.

She cleaned up nicely, no more ink marks and hearts all over her torso.  In the last post the reason why I thought she was some kind of mermaid doll was because I thought that what was in her hair was a sheashell. Come to find out it was just her mask that was broken off.

Remember the Fashionista doll? 

This is a Swappin' Styles Sweetie doll. And this is her original dress. It's a little dirty but I can wash it later. And fixed her hair of course. :)

I added some fun pink shoes to complete the look.

The before pic of Barbie Loves Buzz.

I added some leggings that were on another doll that I purchased yesterday and some purple pumps.

Also, this is not the original doll. The original does not have anatomical legs and has earrings and longer hair. Her original hair style is a ponytail to the side so I tried that with this doll.

She definitely has longer hair when you look at the original. But this hair is saying "To Infinity and Beyond!" It almost defies gravity doesn't it! 

Not bad for piecing an outfit together.

I was confused about this doll. I figured she might be some kind of beach doll because she has the sunglasses attached to her head.

Andrea informed me that she is a 2010 Glam Jet Barbie! Honestly, never heard of her! Andrea sent me a picture and then I found this picture after 30 minutes of searching. I don't think she is that common.
Since I don't have the adorable outfit and bag, I dressed her in a swimsuit and sarong ensemble. All while matching the sunglasses!

Next, here is a before picture of the other Fashionistas doll.

She is actually a Wave 2 Sporty Fashionistas doll wearing a Swappin' Styles dress. As I was fixing her hair I saw that she had adorable twisties on each side.

I kept her in the dress and added some purple sneakers. That is as sporty as she will get for now!

I also had this super cute, shy smile, side looking dark haired doll.

She is Raquelle from Barbie A Fairy Secret. In the bunch of clothes I bought yesterday was her original dress minus the fairy wings.

The turquoise pumps match the tulle on her dress.

Lastly, remember I had this very dirty doll.

She is Glitter Beach Barbie and she desperately needed a bath. Here she is, all clean and dressed!

It seems that washing her hair brought back the wave in it. I thought for sure the shampoo and conditioner would wash any curl or wave right out. It must be the synthetic hair.

I re-added her bow. I might take it out though because for some reason her hair looks brighter without it. Her legs still need some work as they are full of dark spots and stains. Think that could be from the glitter that girls sprayed on her?

I also washed this Fashionista head. The pink was a little dingy and then I touched up the black on the bow with a Sharpie. :) Sharpie use #800!

I might work on more of them tomorrow. But today I made 8 dolls pretty again. Not bad for a day's work!

~Makeover fun!~