The story mentioned in the "Really Rosy" Barbie post

So I mentioned here that I had a story about how I got my Really Rosy Kayla Doll. Here goes!

Spanish 2 my senior year in college early 2004. We had to do a skit in Spanish as a group project. My group and I thought it would be fun to have a child's "playtime" skit and figured the class would get a kick out of it. So we decided it would be fun to buy Barbies and "play" while having the Barbies speak entirely in Spanish. So one day we all went down to the local Fred Meyer to purchase some Barbies.

Hip Barbie, Cali Girl (Cali BOY!) Ken, and Really Rosy Kayla. We wanted the classic blonde Barbie and one dark hair doll. Then Cali Girl (Cali BOY!) Ken. I think because he was the only Ken they had! Hip Barbie did not come in that wedding dress, we bought it so she could get married to Ken.

The whole skit was supposed to be that Ken meets the two girls, Ken wants to marry the blonde Barbie, Kayla gets mad, then the girls who are playing get mad at each other (each girl wanted Ken to marry THEIR doll), then mom has to come in and break up the fight. Skit over and we hope that our professor gives us 100%. Out skit was hilariously funny especially when we were acting out the scene were Ken meets the girls.

*I say in a deep man voice* "Hola Barbies"
*my two group mates say in a high pitched squeaky girly voice* "Hola Ken!"

After the presentation my group mates did not have any use for the dolls so them knowing that I loved Barbie dolls gave them to me. I don't even remember which one I bought. I think it was the Ken.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. My mom bought a doll at a garage sale and she was nude so she put a dress on her. I was going to put on some knee high yellow boots I have and display it on my shelf. Cute right?

Well, look what I found when I removed Hip Barbie from her box.

I had the dress! Complete with shoes (never even removed from the plastic) and the purse she came with. I didn't even remember she wore that dress! After college when I stored her I just left her in the wedding dress so finding this dress was a treat.

Here is Hip Barbie wearing the entire ensemble.

I think that she will have to go on my shelf and the other doll I have will get to wear something different. No two Barbies should ever be dressed the same, agree?

~Anyone else have a problem calling that Ken "Cali Girl" Ken?~