Collection Showcase: Superstar Barbie

Well, I have posted all about my thrift store finds in previous posts so it is time to showcase one doll from my collection I had growing up.

One of my most favorite dolls was the beautiful Superstar Barbie from 1988. I was into her as much as these girls were.

So here is my Superstar Barbie doll. 

One of my favorite features is the stars in her eyes.

The other favorite feature is the skirt. (I also added the bracelet you got with the doll.)

Her hair is no longer a "dream" as they say in the commercial. It's a little flat because it was brushed time and time again but it's still very nice and shiny.

And I loved her outfit for the Academy Awards after party!

Her ring is still intact, a little paint chip on the stars.

However, after years and years of playing with her, her earrings broke off.

I still see a little nub, maybe I can superglue them back in.

The Help! Did anyone else have a problem with the earrings falling off of this doll? They were obnoxiously huge in my opinion and playing with it as a little girl would, I would think that others would have the same problem mine had.

Check back in the next couple of days for my newest thrift store finds (if I have any.) I'm planning on stopping there tomorrow afternoon after my first day at work!

~Again, another doll where I wish I had the dress!~