Palm Beach Teresa - is she rare?

A trip to Goodwill yesterday landed me this lovely Teresa doll. She has painted on clothes which didn't take me long to locate her.

This is Palm Beach Teresa from 2001 and the catch-phrase for these dolls are "always dressed."  There were a lot of these dolls. The whole gang is here!
I was searching through the toys (around a little boy who was dragging out everything from the shelves, gotta love the lack of parenting!) and I saw a hand sticking out. I knew it was from a Barbie doll. I was even more excited when I saw that it was a Teresa doll.

(FYI - I love Teresa dolls because we share the same name, spelled the same way, with no H)

She had no price and I was a little taken back when the clerk told me she was $1.99. Her left arm is loose and she squeaks at the leg joints. I couldn't bear to put her back so I paid it and went on my way.

She needed me

I wasn't too keen on the choice of attire and was thinking about dressing her but I think if I wash her it will brighten up her dull looking painted-on swimwear. Plus there is something about dressing a Barbie doll in non-original clothing. It's just my thing, I love the original clothes if I have them.

Doesn't look too dull in the pic but trust me on this one!
The Help! I've been checking completed auctions on Ebay and there is not an abundance of these dolls but sellers have them listed as "rare" and have them priced very high. A couple of them have sold recently, one deboxed went for $7.00 and another NRFB for $3.99. Some NRFB are priced around $35.00! So help me, is she really as rare as sellers are making her out to be? If she indeed is, then $1.99 isn't such a bad price after all. ;)

~Barbies on a budget!~