Let's Play Dress Up

When I was a little girl, I never played dress-up. It was fun to have play make-up but I was never into the charade of putting on mom's high heels, hats, and beads. This was probably because I had Barbie to dress up. I had more clothes than I knew what to do with and it was fun to put together the craziest outfits I could imagine.

Now when I play dress up with Barbie, I make sure she always matches: always. 

There is also some help questions at the end! Read on.

After my reader Andrea informed me that my beautiful auburn haired Teresa doll was The Fairy Queen in Barbie of Swan Lake, I had to dress her in the appropriate outfit.

Her original outfit is this BEAUTIFUL dress. I would love to have it someday.

But I will have to improvise with this outfit.

Beautiful isn't it? There was also a feather hair piece that goes along with the outfit however, her hair is so gorgeous that I could not bear to put it up in a ponytail.

Her hair is also wavy in a couple of spots. I think it's pretty but come to find out her hair originally comes with a few braids.

Yeah, I'm never getting her hair like that again. But the outfit fits perfectly I think.

My poor-girl's trick for make shift doll stands - drinking glasses!

Also in my last post, Andrea told me that the outfit that my Skipper doll was wearing was from a Cheerleader Barbie.
Well, I decided to take it off the Skipper and put it on a Barbie. I bought an anatomical doll at a thrift store a couple of weeks ago. I was going to make her a gymnast Barbie since I had this leotard.

However, I had the pom-pom's so I decided to make her the cheerleader doll instead.

Super cute, no? I put her hair in pigtails since it was flyaway.

Also, this top doesn't fit the doll very well. Maybe the ever-flex dolls were a little smaller?

I didn't have any pink tennis shoes to match so I just used white.

Well, now I needed an outfit for Skipper. I have absolutely no Skipper clothes whatsoever. So she will have to wear big sister's clothes for the time being. I chose this Genuine Barbie 90's denim ensemble.

Here is the thing about Skipper - the bottom's fit perfect but the tops are too big. But it will have to do for now. The pink flats I had on her with the cheer outfit work perfect with this one. (Good thing too, I don't have any other shoes that fit her!)

I love this doll because she has super long hair.

Her bangs are a little weird, maybe they've been cut. But I still love her to death. One of my only two Skippers! And I love her even more because of this head mold. This is the Skipper I remember growing up with.

The Help! I have a few questions today!

I have a feeling that the anatomical Barbie may be an easy one to identify, however, I have no idea where to start. First, she has a twist and turn waist.

She also has hinged elbows and knees and high-heel feet. She also has holes for earrings and a ring.

Can anyone identify the Skipper doll? I found a few long hair Skipper dolls from the 90's but none quite match the hair or the bangs.

Is there a cure for flyaway doll hair? I've just been running a dryer sheet over the hair but that's only a quick fix, not a cure.

Tomorrow I'm going to revist the thrift store where I found all the goodies last week. Maybe I can walk away with another score. Be on the lookout for that post tomorrow!