One big bag o' Barbies!

Today's thrift store finds. This thrift store is one big pile of goodness. And I mean piles. You have to dig especially in the toy section. But when there is good stuff to be found, I don't mind! When I can score a big pile of dolls I know that it hasn't been picked through.

What they had their toys in was one of those deep bin-type playtables. So sometimes I had to go in blind and just reach my hand down to the depths of the bin. If I felt hair, I pulled it out. Once it was a small flocked pink horse. A few times they were other dolls. If I could verify that it was a Barbie doll, it went into the bag. The difference with this store is you pay by the poundage! At $1 per pound this bag o' Barbies was a whopping $2. I have not taken a good look at these dolls yet so here you are dear readers, please share with me the excitement that is in this bag.

First doll, newer Barbie, still has the rubber bands around her chest, she must have had some kind of necklace on. Her eyes and lips are glittery. She has the larger face.

Oh the hair!
Another newer Barbie. This hair is not a result of her being placed up against the backdrop. You hold her and the hair is straight up, no joke. I'm going to have many days of fun playing with Barbie hair.
The hair makes me giggle
Teresa doll. Get a load of this hair! I wonder if I will end up ripping all of it out when I try to get a brush through it.
Serious Frankenstein hair
This is a doll face I have never seen before. Freckles! But her back and head both said Mattel. Her back is dated 1999 China and the head is 1998.

Hair not too bad
Ah, a Barbie from my generation. All the Barbies that I played with growing up had this head mold.
Wild hair!
I know which doll she is though. Her earrings and face match that of my 1985 Gift Giving Barbie. 

Other finds that I threw in the bag - Mattel McDonalds toy. I have all of the Barbie toys but I think there is one recent year that I missed. You pay by the pound so why not?

An Esmarelda dress from a Hunchback of Notre Dame Disney doll

A cute coat! It has a pink plastic tag that says "Barbie" however not genuine Barbie.

A quick google search showed me that this is from a 1996 Fashion Avenue Boutique collection. It goes with white pants, white boots, and a white fur muff. It's missing one of the silver caps on the lower right button. Oh well, still super cute.

Lastly, I have this bag. 

I saw one face from in the bag and I didn't care what else was in there. I was DEFINITELY taking this one.

*squeal* Vintage Barbie!!! I could not believe it. I think she is an original 1962 Bubblecut Barbie! Nail polish intact on all 10 fingers and also intact on three toes on the right foot. I think she might be the one shown below.
Here are a couple photos of her markings. Right cheek says "Barbie (R) Pats. Pend. (c) MCMLVIII By Mattel Inc. The bottom of her right foot says "JAPAN"

I also was excited to see that I had not one but TWO Skipper dolls! Both are the 1987 head mold. I never had a Skipper doll. I have some smaller clothes and I was debating whether or not to purchase a Skipper doll so I could have a reference size. But I could not bring myself to purchase a new Skipper as she now has brown hair and does not look like the Skipper dolls that I grew up with. Well, now I have two! However, she does have a small problem...

Unfortunately her head is off. The neck is broken resulting in the head "ball" not staying in anymore.

And this one also has the same problem.

I even found a cute skirt :) For me, not Barbie ;)

Old Navy, super cute, $4

The Help! Lots of help I need today.

If anyone can help me verify that this is a vintage 1962 Bubblecut Barbie that would be great. Then I can go faint ;) I checked this website and it seems to me that the markings are definitely there for her to be an original not a reproduction.

How do I go about cleaning this doll? I read one website that said you can wash their hair with baby shampoo. She is very dirty and will need some more cleaning than just a general wet cloth wipedown. I'm okay with just throwing newer Barbies in the sink but this one is more delicate.

The Skipper heads. Anyone have this issue before? I know my 1985 Gift Giving Barbie has the same issue, the cracked neck so the head "ball" does not stay in the neck anymore. Hot glue? Any other ideas?

The freckled doll. Is she a Fashion Fever doll? The freckles make me want to think that it's a Gillian doll but then the mouth and eyes point toward the Drew doll.

The Teresa faced doll. She has curly or wavy red hair. All the Teresa dolls I own have brown hair. Is she another Barbie friend with the same head mold?

Are there any other dolls that came with the same earrings as the 1985 Gift Giving Barbie? 

I hope you enjoyed sharing some excitement with me. I'm going to have to go to that thrift store more often. I'm sure there is more good stuff to be had there.

~SOOOOOOOO excited! Vintage! Vintage Vintage!!~